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^^I appreciate the effort, but I'd really prefer not to look at avatars of RatTums saying he's already dead...maybe we can repost something like that later. For now I'm still going on, and treating him like he's okay while he still is.


Thanks for understanding.


And thanks everyone for your kind words.

Oops, sorry about that... might as well edit my sig...

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I cannot believe Rattums is actually about to die! I hope you and Robb are holding together after hearing the news. After seeing him in real life at the meeting last month I know that he's a very cuddly and loving hamster.

I once had a hamster that my grandma's friend gave to us. About a year ago we gave him away to my grandma's other friend. When I go there I sometimes see him and miss him considering he isn't ours anymore.

I also lost another pet about 5 or 6 months ago. He was a small puppy and about a week after we got him he kept looking sick and throwing up. About a week or two after that, my grandma told me he had died. I do miss him a lot, and I know how you feel now. My heart goes out to you guys in your time of great need. Hope Rattums has a great time in his nearly over life, and hope he doesn't experience any pain, or nor do you guys. Again, my heart goes out to you guys. Rattums was what kept TPR running and it won't be the same without. No hamster in this whole entire universe could ever replace him. May Rattums live on in all of our hearts.

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Sorry to hear that Elissa. Both my wife and I have had our childhood dogs put down within the last year so we know what you are going through.


My boxer was 14 and was in a lot of pain due to arthritis and L.J's dog died of old age, we think it was about 15yrs old. I hope that Rattums will not suffer and that he will outlive all expections, and he would not be the first pet to do so.


Have fun with him while you can.......

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i'm very sorry to hear about your lil buddy. everyone knows loss, but only you and robb will really know life before and after rattums. i hope good times are still possible in the next few weeks, and that the lil guy will enjoy his last few moments in your company. i send my best wishes your way.



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I am really sorry to hear that. One of my cats passed away when I was 6 and I was really sad. I dont think a family is complete without a pet. Even if you do have one, some people dont really think they are part of the family but I do.


Really sorry to hear this.


Ive got 2 cats and I dont think this family would be the same without them. I know for a fact too when they pass on, this family will be devestated.

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Aww RatTums was the coolest TPR member without a credit! Sorry to hear about him, I know what it's like. I've had a few hampsters and gerbils myself, and when they passed it really got to me as a child. So goo dluck with the next week or so, it'll be tough but look back on the good things you did with him and you won't regret having him.



This picture always reminded me of Vekoma, I really don't know why...


Colin C

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