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Photo TR: Conneaut Lake Park

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After enjoying the carp and Saco, we drove back to Conneaut Lake Park to get me some of my last remaining Pennsylvania credits. We got to the park shortly before the night wristbands went on sale, and instead of purchasing a full price POP, we decided to wait until 7. We walked around the park, looking at all the rides not yet opened this year for the poor struggling park. Its sad to see a place barely functioning, and although its hard for places like this to compete with Disney or Six Flags, its also hard to let go of something so old and classic. I wanted to walk around and look at the whole park, but unfortunately the skies were about to dump some rain on us again, so we took refuge at the Beach Club. After getting our beers and watching the locals in the water from the pier, it started to rain again. This one lasted about an hour, and then the rides started to reopen.


First to open was the Blue Streak. I hopped on with Greg and we were off in the back car. The ride was pretty good and smooth. It reminded me a bit of the Lakeside Cyclone, only without the laterals. A good old fashioned woodie, not too high on thrills for this era, but its nostalgic, and doesn’t need any sort of gimmick to obtain ridership. I took 4 more rides on the Streak before heading over to Devil’s Den. I saw the infamous “gum wall” which is disgusting as we made our voyage on this shopping cart on a track. I’m not sure if it’s a roller coaster or not, but it fit’s the criteria enough to count it as one. It had some pretty decent tricks in it as well.


Finally I needed my Toboggan credit. They took the roof off the ride this year, ridding it of its “bang”. The ride was closed when I got to it, but they opened it up after getting approval and running a few test runs. As I made my way towards the lift, I rolled back. The op attempted a few times to get my car to engage with the lift, but it wouldn’t. I was evact-ed from the car, they put the dogs back down, and sent it through. After it made it all the way around, they put me in the other car and tried again. This time it made it made a connection with the lift and I was going up. “Cha-ching!”


We then decided to have dinner at Hotel Conneaut. Sadly we saw no ghosts of Elizabeth, some little boy, Mr. Peanut Carp, Saco the fisherman, or the Blue Steak ghost. On the way back to Pittsborg, we stopped at Hank’s Custard for some vanilla and banana custard. Good stuff that should always be had on the way to or from Conneaut Lake.


Next up: KennyKon!


Hotel Conneaut. Is that a ghost in the window? No, its just a lamp.


Tim breaks out the N'atmobile at the parks cruise night


I'll get this credit even if it takes every op in the park to push!


It may be a coaster, it may not be. But its definitely a runaway shopping cart on a track!


or your coaster hat and sacrificial blade


Don't forget your picture of the old Pope!


Conneaut's gift shop, home of stuffed Otters named Connie (get it Connie Otter, Conneaut; they sound the same!!)


The Down Under Bar, where none of us were brave enough to venture


With nothing else to do, we kick back at the Beach Club with some brews*


*Please note, none of us would EVER drink a Miller product.


The sky opens up for like the 4th time that day. Is PA still in a drought?


Thankfully its not home to the first invisible Blue Streak


and an invisible Turtle!


Conneaut Lake Park, home of the world's first Tilt A Whirl with invisible tubs


We would have ridden the flyers, but we couldn't find an op


The park's main entrance. What a bad color selection

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Wait, wait, wait...did you count Devil as a coaster?!?! Cause if so I'm going to have to change your member name to Jeff Johnson!


Elissa "wow, Derek's going to get like 92387 credits on our Dells trip if he counts like that! " Alvey

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