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I added Dixie Landin' to your topic subtitle--to make it a bit more descriptive. The park is part of TPR's Park Index, as well--but there's only one other thread on the site about the place as near as I can tell. Thanks for sharing the information.

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Technically, not all of the coasters at SFNO are dead, per se.

Jester wasn't reported with any major damage. So maybe DL bought it for cheap off of SFI and they're willing to pay for the replacement electrics?


Two Vekoma loopers in one park. Hello, Advil.




Still! Let's hope it's a long-desired woodie!

Cross your fingers!

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I found this to be a nice little park when I visited back in 2007. They have a great waterpark too, although it does not compare to Splashin' Safari.


I go down south every summer to visit family, and I was going to attempt to visit SFOG during my next visit, but if they get an awesome new coaster I may have to make another trip back to Dixie Landin'.


I'm really hoping it's a GCI compact wood. Maybe Ozark Wildcat has been bought by DL.

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