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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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^Having the park live up to its potential essentially means relocating the entire thing. The park is really nice and I had a very enjoyable visit last summer, but it's location is just awful. It seemed like most people in Myrtle Beach had no clue that the park was even there.


To me Freestyle Music Park is like the Cypress Gardens of South Carolina... You can have a really nice looking park but it doesn't do you much good if you're so far out of the way that you can't get people through the gates.


The thing about the park is that it really wasn't THAT far away. It was just far enough away people wouldn't make the effort to go there themselves. If they actually bothered to partner with hotels/resorts/the city and ran shuttles from hotels and stops along the beach, I bet the park would still be in business.


We counted at least 15 mini golf/family fun centers along that main road that were all PACKED...so there is obviously a market for family activities away from the beach. Both management teams just made no effort what-so-ever to reach out to that market!

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I also voted "NO". While the economy didn't help, the biggest issue was location, location, location! Had this have been built at Universal Orlando as a third gate, it would have worked better. Or even, at the risk of being biased because I'm from Michigan, brought it to Detroit, which is rich in music history (Motown, Bob Segar, Eminem, etc.).

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The park never had a business plan. I'm convinced it really was all just an elaborate scam to bail out those property owners who were about to lose everything on their failed entertainment venues on the site!

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In case you missed this, a couple of weeks ago, Freestyle Music Park won an ADDY Award from the Coastal Carolinas chapter of the American Advertising Federation.


The park won a Special Judges Award for "Impressions in the Sand" in nontraditional media.


If I'm not mistaken, this was a design in the sand at the beach. Since it is illegal to distribute media to people on the beach, the park created something in the sand, causing intested for people to approach them, which allowed the park to give out material.


Looks like the glass is once again half full.






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"There are currently no plans to reopen for 2010..."


CHARLESTON, S.C. -- An attorney representing Freestyle Amusement Park on the South Carolina coast said Monday the operators of the park have no current plans to reopen this summer.


"There are currently no plans to reopen for 2010, however they are in negotiations still with several investors and that's subject to change if something were to happen with the investors," said attorney David Slough.


The financially troubled park in Myrtle Beach was to have reopened earlier this month. Last month, Freestyle closed its business offices and laid off about 30 workers.


The telephone number for the park Monday only played a recording that the park was closed. No operator was available.


Freestyle opened last Memorial Day weekend after buying Hard Rock Park out of bankruptcy and reworking some of the rides and themes.


The 55-acre Hard Rock opened in 2008, but closed after a single season. The $400 million park was the biggest single investment in South Carolina tourism.


Freestyle Amusement Park faces a Thursday deadline to pay off a $570,000 debt it inherited when it bought Hard Rock.


"They are working to resolve all payment obligations," Slough said. He said he did not know if the money was in hand to pay the debt by Thursday's deadline.


It's not clear how long the park could wait to reopen this season if investors were to bring in a new infusion of money. Last year, it took about six weeks to get the park up and operating.


"I don't know what they would have to do to get the rides operational again," Slough said.


Freestyle Amusement Park remade some of the Hard Rock Rides - rides that featured a Led Zeppelin roller coaster and a dark ride based on the Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin" - to create a more family friendly atmosphere. It added reggae, country, Christian and disco music to the rock mix.

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