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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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Thank You Very Much. A friend of mine here at Universal got a job offer to be the head of Guest Interaction from the Hard Rock Park about a week ago. They said they would pay his entire trip from Orlando up there, hotel, food, car the whole shebang and he asked how many other had applied and were being considered so he wouldn't be making the trip up there for a crap shoot and they said one other person. Well... as he was considering it he found out his wife is pregnant with their first child and she dosent want to move at all so he had to turn them down!!

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I just came from Myrtle Beach, and went the the preview center. Whole Lotta Love looks like a pretty standard coaster- it looks like fun, but not something to "write home about." Hopefully the timing to the music will make a big impact. The great thing, though, from a business standpoint (and forgive me if I only skimmed all the previous posts), is that the zeppelin-shaped loading platform doesn't face into the park. It is right up against the road for maximum tourist impact. In fact, the coaster is right at the front of the park, and clearly visible from the main road into Myrtle Beach- VERY smart!

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Looks like a fun park, but....Where's the rapids dude? There's a chute the chutes, but noooooo rapids. HRP loses some cool points for that one.


My guess is that one's on the boards in the next five years, meanwhile get the park up and running and work out the bugs the first couple years.


For the record, I'm speaking humorously and no I'm not seriously upset about no rapids. Still a great park.

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My twin is upset about no rapids. He also loves rapid rides (favorite park attraction right after coasters) and doesn't like when parks lack rapid rides. Heck, even Alabama Adventure has a rapids ride.


Is BamaRob seriously your twin? I thought that was a joke for some reason. Cool that he's also a rapids fan. Let's just hope a future rapids at HRP actually gets you wet. I got more wet in front of the one of the many AA mist fans rather than Wild River Gorge.


Back to HRP, the webcams show some decent progress. Didn't realize there was a second set pointed toward Zep's cobra roll. Nice!

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^ Hey thanks for pointing that out. I goofed! Thought Reggie ride was a chute the chutes. Hmmm....that means, with the exception of Slippery When Wet, there aren't any additional water rides. Just coasters, flats and concert venues. A bit risky during the summer, but there are water parks and the beach at hand. Now I'm really curious about their expansion plan over the next few years.


My gut says rapids ride and water park expansion in the next couple years. Just a feeling. Or maybe it's just gas. I dunno.....

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btw got the name wrong, Reggae River Falls not rapids


I could definitely see a couple of water rides being added next. A water park would be a great idea also, the only competition they would have would be Myrtle Waves and Family Kingdom's water park. I think the flat could be a drop tower. Then the next coaster should be a woodie, alot of people have been wanting one.

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On another front, Lance over at Screamscape posed a very interesting question.


While we know exactly what we’ll be listening to while riding Led Zeppelin: The Ride, they haven’t come forward yet with any information about just what cool tunes we’ll get to listen to while on Maximum RPM or on Midnight Rider.


All they’ve said so far is “80’s Tunes” on MaxRPM and given that the ride is in the British Invasion section of the park I can only assume that they may limit the selection to 80’s hits from the UK, though I think I’ll pass on any more Wham or Culture Club thank you. Maybe a little Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure or even Duran Duran may fit the bill.


Midnight Rider is suppose to feature “Southern Rock”, but honestly the track Midnight Rider is named for by the Allman Brothers Band just doesn’t seem ideal for a coaster. I’m not too keen on Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama either. Again the pacing just seems to not be appropriate, so anyone else have any other ideas? Maybe a little Bad To The Bone or Devil Went Down To Georgia perhaps. What I find certainly fitting, but I’m not sure if it’s considered Southern Rock, would be the latest version of Ghost Riders In The Sky by Spiderbait as seen in last year’s GhostRider film.


Interesting ideas for those, but I want to know what our knowledge can bring up. Personally, I'm thinking for Max RPM, he's pretty much on the rose, but I'd go a different route, with Def Leppard and The Police. Maybe even Flock of Seagulls and Dead or Alive! Hearing "I Ran" on a coaster would be just awesome, in an extremely geeky sort of way.


For Midnight Rider, I'm feeling maybe, though a touch of irony, Slowride by Foghat, especially the back end where they just open up and go crazy. What do y'all think?

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^Well, as awesome as Foghat is, they aren't Southern Rock so I doubt we'd be hearing them. I'd be really surprised if there isn't some Lynard Skynard or Allman Brothers on there. Maybe the Marshall Tucker Band or .38 Special? Or Nugent?


Personally, I'd like to see some U2 played on Maximum RPM if there are some songs that would fit well on it.

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Screamscape has posted a HUGE photo update of the park with about 100 photos. Check it out here:



Here's a few sample photos of what you'll see in that update.


The "Hard Rock" version of popular USA icons!

Check out the rest of the photos here:



There is even a kiddie coaster credit for Jeff!


The front entrance plaza to the park.


Vekoma mine train anyone?


The "Ferris Wheel" lift hill looks VERY interesting.


Lots of new B&M goodness.

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My uncle owns a beach house in Sunset Beach, NC, which is like 15-20 minute drive from Myrtle, and I am SO goin to this park when it opens; and I plan to have plenty of pictures to show all my TPR friends


I bet that elevator lift will be interesting to go on. It would be cool if the cars were free spinning when they went into the elevator, so that on the way up, guests could get a full view of their surroundings...

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