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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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^You're probably like me. I'm not a coaster enthusiast, I'm a coaster semi-enthusiast. I liken it to sweet chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate. We're just like regular chocolate, only not as sweet, and have a little bite. And we taste better when used for cooking. So essentially we are the more cookable, coaster lover, with attitude.


Mmmmmmmmmmm! Bacon wrapped, batter dipped, deep fried semi-enthusiast. Just the way God intended!

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^And the tears of coaster enthusiasts who never made it to the park.


Like everyone else has posted, you didn't miss much.


I was able to go the week before Labor Day and ride everything with no waits at all. RPM was not working that day, but Nights in White Satin more than made up for it.












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^I paid $5 per person on their last day of operation. Totally worth it. Unfortunately Nights in White Satin had been changed to Monsters of Rock by that time. Now, honestly, MoR wasn't horrible, but I did miss out on what some have called, "the greatest dark ride ever."

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I hope they get the "kink" out of the downward helix after the MCBR when they re-construct it. I think something must have been slightly misaligned because there was a strange, inexplicable jerk in that section of the track when it was in Myrtle Beach.

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Me n' tha fam really liked it a lot.


I thought I read somewhere that it was originally supposed to be longer. If so, what is the likelihood of them extending it as it was intended? Any one know, or care to guess? I don't think so. Would be nice, but I just don't think it will happen.

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