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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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Gonna buy all the rides and open Smooth Jazz Park.


Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" would be ideal for Led Zep/Time Machine.

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Led Zep has been listed for sale along with a few other attractions. I know the ride is Mediocre, but I hope it gets bought and set up in the near future.

What's funny (and actually kinda of sad) is that compared to some of the newer B&Ms (Wingriders, OzIris, etc...) Led Zeppelin would probably be one of the BETTER coasters they've done in the last 5 years. And I thought it was pretty terrible!

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I would think that the B&M coaster would be a hot item. It is compact and built on flat land; it appears to be a ride that could be re-installed quite easily as compared to a custom terrain built coaster.


I could see this going to a medium to large size park. Course, I am not sure if the major US park chains like Six Flags, Sea World, or Cedar Fair are into buying used coasters of this size. But, if it was a deal they could not pass up, I could see this coaster going into a Cedar Fair park like Worlds of Fun or maybe Dorney park for example. If there is no interest in the coaster from the US parks, it sounds more likely an park in China or Japan could snatch it up.


I am not sure what the market is for the other coasters like the Premier Roundabout, Vekoma Mine Train, or the Premier Suspended coasters. I would think the Vekoma kiddy coaster would have a greater chance of being sold before the others.

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^^Pretty sure these are the first rides to be relocated so far. I'd imagine the other flats would be first to go, followed by Time Machine, Round About, Iron Horse and the ride system from Monstars of Rock. I'd imagine that Soak'd along with all of the salvageable point of sale, food and beverage, lighting and entertainment systems will be sold afterwards in liquidation.







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