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Hard Rock / Freestyle Music Park Discussion Thread

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I'm sure there is a lot of interest in the B&M, the two Vekomas, and the flats. Any of those three coasters would be a welcome addition to a park looking to step into the world of "mega-loopers" or needing to diversify their family coaster selections. The other two coasters seem like they would be more trouble than they are worth having, and they really weren't that great for their intended purposes. If it's not just parks interested in the rides, used ride dealers are probably foaming at the mouth as well. Of course time is an issue, and these rides are losing value each day they sit idle. It's true that any machinery should be operated regularly in addition to general upkeep maintenance, but it seems like whoever is in charge of them is at least keeping them from rotting away completely. Good thing Myrtle Beach is spared from the harsh winters which also helps curb the effects of weathering.


Personally, I don't see this place ever operating as a park, amusement or theme, ever again. Sell off the assets, and chalk it up as a learning experience.

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I'm still puzzled why the park hasn't been sold off piece by piece yet. I would think an investor could come in sell off the rides, level the park and have a nice piece of land to develop into houses or condos. Someone probably still has hope of re-opening the park.

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Well if someone IS interested in buying it, we can rule out Carowinds, given the fact that the new coaster there will cost 30 million.

I can only see it going into Cedar Fair's lost parks. Valleyfair!, WOF, CGA, or (if they get the pesky height restriction just 30 feet higher) MA would be delighted if they got Led Zepplin, or some of the other rides.

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I went to Myrtle Beach last month and made it a point to drive by and check it out. It was quite depressing driving right by Led Zepplin and just seeing an empty track with no trains going through it. I found it interesting how there were still signs up for Freestyle Music Park at the intersection though.


Also my dad's cousin lives down there and went to the park when it first opened as Hard Rock and brought a mug, that he decided to give me. I find it funny because on the back of the mug it says "The Next Revolution", which I guess really means 'The Next Revolution of abandoned Theme Parks'...

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Funny that this thread has come back to life a bit as I was at MB two weeks ago on vacation and drove by the park to get some photos. They had a mega-church next to the parking lot, so we parked in their lot and I walked around the theme park parking lot & across the street to get some photos.


Beach Church?


I was wondering if the big section had a coaster in the box like FoF or Disaster Transport, but themed to heaven & hell (Black Sabbath, perhaps?).


I don't think that I have ever seen a church that looked like it could also double as a manufacturing facility.


Beach Church?


Led Zeppelin still looked like it was in great shape although it looked like a lot of weeds and trees were trying to stake their claim on it. I was surprised that there was no rust and the paint looked barely faded!


This was taken through the fence - the park was not open & nope, I did not jump it nor did I pass through any 'No Trespassing' signs to get any of the photos.


From what I hear it wasn't all that great, but I'm sure there are lots of smaller parks that would love to have this coaster in their line-up.


Entrance plaza.


Still looked to be in great shape other than the weeds, cobwebs and dust.


Sad to see this, really. It is too bad to know that this park had potential, yet just seemed to be plopped down in the wrong market at the wrong time.


Front gate...you could have heard a pin drop.


Front gate and guest services. I guess I'm kind of amazed that this park flopped as bad as it did, yet Broadway At The Beach still seems to draw in a lot of tourists? While I liked some of the original stores at BATB, I thought it was kind of cheesy. I'm sure there would be folks that would beg to differ though....mainly because...ummm...it's still open.


Opposite end of the park from LZ.


I would love to have this to hang in my garage, although Sir Paul looks a tad Asian, doesn't he?


Front entrance plaza.


Led Zeppelin. I'm sorry, but I just can't call it 'Time Machine'.


Ferris Wheel lift...definitely unique. This was the 'Life In The Fast Lane' themed to the Eagles song, right?


So what day did the music really die? When HRP shut down, or when FMP completely flopped?


Sometimes the song doesn't remain the same.


Panoramic shot of the parking lot & park.


From the street. Really wished I could have ridden this - because I like both Led Zeppelin and most B&M coasters.


I really liked the zeppelin loading platform.


Hope you find a new home soon!

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I really thought the ride was about as "mediocre" as they come. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. If it wasn't for the fact that we were doing a bunch of filming at the time, it would have been a "one and done" for me. I actually liked the layout of the ride as I really like B&Ms (or really any coaster maker for that matter) that have two vertical loops in them, NOT back-to-back. But even with a unique and fun layout, the ride did really nothing for me.


It would do great at a smaller park that needs a bigger ride, and the GP would love it, but it's not going to "WOW" anyone...

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