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Wild! RCT3 Expansion Confirmed!

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Here is a link to this weeks pics, HERE.


These pics are probably the coolest ones yet, there are a lot of things to notice.


* Elephant Stations with routes

* Tiger Show Enclosure

* New Coaster Type (based on real-life coaster called Cool & Fresh ?)

* Animal Viewing Platforms

* Tilt-A-Whirl, Thunder Bobs, assorted Flatrides

* New Trees and Scenery

* Animals!


Probably more....


It's looking very cool to be honest... I'm really looking forward to it.

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yeah, the animal stuff looks neat so far, especially the different types of viewing platforms and stuff.


After playing Zoo Tycoon 2 for a bit I can be pretty certain that Frontier won't have anywhere near that much micro-management.


I love all the new coaster-types we've seen so far too.... really cool.


I'm really looking forward to it at the moment..... it's looking really good.

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New Friday update was put up...




Check it out...


Topple Tower

Sky Swatter

Frequent Faller

and what I think might... I repeat might be a cantilevered coaster... Not sure what the B&M style track is carrying in the second pic but it doesn't look like anything else I remember seeing so far. Actually just read a little further and somone points out that it looks like the Drifting X-car model... That sounds a bit more possible. Still this is sweet.


BTW they also changed the track style of the Robocoaster to the B&M.

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Okay, instead of pics for this Friday update, they've compiled a 1:30 long video.


You can find it here (I recommend scrolling down to find a mirror link, as Frontiers was a tad slow): http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=491377&perpage=40&highlight=&pagenumber=1


It's a pretty nice vid, showing pretty much all of what we've seen in the previously released pictures but in motion.


We also get to see a few pieces of how the animals react and interact. The clip of peepes running from an elephant is my fave.


Very cool so far, Oh and all the peeps that are registered for the beta test will be getting their e-mails either today or Saturday (apparently) if they are in.

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