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Hey everybody,


my brother and I just put this Euro Fighter together. It's pretty simple, but a lot of fun! It has some funky elements and a couple great head-choppers. Please comment and let us know what you think of it.


BTW, for those of you who don't know, Samhain is what Halloween used to be called. (Or at least what Halloween originated from) It is pronounced Sawin or Saoin.








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There's some funky elements in there, maybe a slight bit unrealistic but nice none the less. However, if you want to improve your ride you can follow the advice below:


1-Reducing pumps (jerks) - Increase the size of the vertex points but not to the point where its too big (it makes matters worse). Ride the ride and see wether it needs to be bigger or smaller. Also, keep sections to a similar length (20ft is a good one) so you can use the smoother (ctrl+g) effectively


2-Usage of launches and brakes - You should never use launches to avoid valleying and you should never use brakes (trims or MBCR) to keep the forces down. You should only use launches as a means of getting the train to a certain speed a the beggining of a track and you shouldn't use trims full-stop (unless you really want them)


3-Straight lifts or brakes - To straighten a section of track, simple select that section and press 'I'. For a lift, split the lift into three sections, increase the size of the middle one and straighten it.


4-Tunnel test - To avoid peoples limbs being sliced of, you need to select the whole track and put a tunnel over it. Then you ride the track and if you see anything that enters the tunnel other than the track, you need to change it


5-Supports - You can't really tell if your track isn't under-supported, you just have to use you instinct. Look at photos of rides similar to your to see how their supported and simple mimic it. Try to make your own supports rather than pre-fabs, people like it better when you do.


(yeah, its recycled from other topics but I think it covers most of the basics hence why I re-use it)

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^Lol, you really hate those prefabs, don't you?


Your ride has lots of potential, and I appreciate the funky layout. Sadly, it wasn't smooth, and some of the transitions were strange and jerky.


Keep building and gathering experience---your ideas are great!

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^ He's referring to the supports. Rather than use the orange-y supports which build themselves its better to make them yourself using the red + pink + blue bars connecting them with nodes (red spot things) and footers (big grey box thing).


Its simple enough once you learn how to do it.

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