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Sunrise Point. V1 remake. - [RCT2]


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  1. 1. RCTs!

    • RCT2 - Keep going with the Original
    • RCT3 - Give the RCT2 part to someone efluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooe to work on and I re-make the park in RCT3

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Awesome park, and thanks for sharing!


The new additions look great, and this park is a HUGE improvement over your others! Keep up the awesome work, you'll be near the top in no time...


(I Bandit!)

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^The form is confusing but look near the top right of the form; there should be a graphic of 3 random characters and a text box. You should also see a 'Download file' button under there.


Type the letters you see into the box and click the 'Download file' button directly under it and you should get the the next screen to actually download the file.



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Well after while other people update their parks monthly, I try to give you guys at least 2 each week.


Now, I honestly did not want to do this theme, mainly because the lack of originality I have, the lack of items, and the lack of practice with this theme.

Now, why in the world would I even want to do this theme you ask? Well stupid me decided to leave a stupid cliff hanger in the last download. SO get ready, prepare yourself, its here, welcome to sunrise. Update 11

Recommended by a friend to take it out, I did. Plus its something to distract you from the horrors your about to see.

I'm sorry sunrise, its not you. Its me. (and the people who downloaded my park )

I hope this doesn't ruin the park. Heres Dragon Dance.

^I took a risk with the theme, and this ride. I give you Fort Forthold, or something like that.

^I give you the number 1 ride that made this theme suck. Haunted Castle! You wont remember the fears this ride has caused you.

I know, its bad. Oh yeah save yourself the trouble on the blocks and colors of the trees by HC. I dont really care.

I made it so I didn't have to worry about people yelling at me with the cliffhanger .

"Oh No, its coming, Its Bad, and its Here" Update 12


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Well were back to Sunrise after a horrid update that almost put a end to the park. Sorry, but update 11 was just awful. So I just went back, got the download that I posted, and just replaced the little arrow with the same flat. Only difference now that its on a hill.


Well welcome to update 12 ( The Top Scan is 11 )

Now we at Sunrise just recently had a MCC (Matthew Coaster Co.) coaster creation, now were getting one of there wooden coasters.

LEGENDARY, now at Sunrise Point!

This coaster goes through the east side of Sunrise, twisting and turning through the terrain. It is the 2nd wooden coaster to be at the park, and its one of the longest.

Now, enough reading. Look at the screens of the almighty LEGENDARY!

^Whats missing?

^Heres the switchbacks and the entrance for Legendary, it goes with the same theme as Hunter is in, but I dont even know were it could be placed. LOL

^First Turnaround

^Second Turnaround

^Ejector Air and final helix.

^Overview of the mighty Legendary!

^I hate making buildings in RCT2, but I do want to improve. If you know were a good park that dosne't use just blocks, let me know.



I dont have a clifthanger for #13, sorry.

Happy Holidays


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It is looking pretty good, but the buildings, like you said, aren't your hot spot. Try to add some more shape to them including walls to make more uniquely shaped buildings, and more roof styles. I recommend that you go over to new element and check out some of the styles and techniques. Little subtle things can help your look A LOT!


Keep it up though!. The park is looking pretty realistic, and I like that!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I give you update 12. Its nothing to talk about, but its just a half pipe type ride. Oh yeah, if you can spot the trailer I will give you a cookie.

Now time for some construction news into the future.

Sunrise - We have been gaining a lot of MCC Rides in the past few years, we are going to pull of one of the MCCs newest designs. If we do make it, it will be located across from Legendary. The model name for this coaster has not been realsed yet, but it will be realsed once construction starts. In other news we ma be planning on removal the parks S&S and Vekoma shuttler to make way for a new attraction at our park. If we do so, we will make sure this ride will provide the same amount of intensity as these two rides pulled off.

So thats what Sunrise has in plans of the near future.

^I'm not 100% positive on the foliage, but I do know that it will look good in my eyes.

^Heres another MCC Coaster.

I will tell you that I may replace the trailer coaster you see there with a similar coaster. I will tell you its not going to be in the next update though, infact I plan on doing something a bit unexpected.

(Note: Next Update is 13!)

Until Next Time.



Here you go BelgianGuy

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Well I accidentally deleted some of the photos for sunrise. So I'm going to re-upload them.

So, I'm sorry if your new at looking at the park, but there will be an update that will show the pictures that were missing and the updates that you could of only seen by downloading the 1st download for the park.

Sunrise Point - We have heard word that track pieces have started to appear in the east part of the park. We are deciding between Vekoma and Morgan, because there was a rumor a while back about a Morgan Hyper going in the eastern part of sunrise.


Well Welcome to Update 13!

We have not one, but two new roller coasters!! They are both two family friendly coasters that are located in the Sun Lake section of the park. The two new coasters are Superstition, a small ride for the little ones, and H20 a simple water coaster.

^H20 Overview. (The foliage sucks, don't kill me over it)

^Heres the new little kiddie coaster(NOTE: If you dont like it, I'll make a Vekoma boomerang out of it)




^You will get wet. Also I just noticed that the fences are screwed up, sorry!


Now I think it would be a good idea to tell you my good points and by bad points at the game.

GOOD: Coaster Design , Support Work, and Creativity

BAD: Foliage, Terrain, Buildings.


Until next time.


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  • 1 month later...

I haven't been here on the park lately, so might as well throw an update out there.

The "2009" will be changed, because I don't want to spoil too much.

Heres a hint though.



I will let you know that this project is starting to feel a bit out of dated so I took a break from it. I haven't touched RCT2 sense the last update in all reality, but its good to get a break every know in then. It helped me get some new ideas going through my head.




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