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The "Preview" Thread

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Yeah I should have mentioned that this is my own version of SFMM, on batman the way I have the ride laid out made this a better option, plus I plan to add a themed foot copper there. On Goliath well...... but thanks for the comments, this is no where near completion.

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Folf, I love it dude. Everything except that hollywood sign that doesnt really fit the graphics of the game, but thats one of my favorite screens youve done.


Let me repeat: It's a joke pic.


Joke, joke, joke, joke, joke. No such coaster exists.


And I'm keeping that signage.


Now then... pretty, no?


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So you are finally going to finish your Talon project?


Not on the radar yet. I need sufficient photos of the entire grounds its on. Possibly try to find a topographical map as well or at least some good reference photos for the land its on too.

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No love for NL?

I'm trying to make a large B&M stand-up with an original layout. I'm not really satisfied with the post-MCBR section, so I'll probably chnage that up.

Also, yes, the Newton environment is a placeholder.

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WIP means "Work in Progress" and REL means "Released", usually used in custom scenery threads.


Thank You!


Dude how did you make that water effect???


The CTR itself made the splash, Cool isn't it?


I've been looking for that CTR, where can I download it?

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