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The "Preview" Thread

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So I've been kinda busy:



Comet-PTC 1955

Super Looper-Schwarzkopf 1983

Steel Velocity- Morgan hyper 1996

Aviator-B&M standup 1998

Vortex-B&M invert 2000

Sky Drive-Intamin impulse 2002

Chaos-Gertslauer spinner 2005

Timber Blast-Premier 2008

Searing Winds (name TBD)-Intamin Hyper Lite 2010


Searing Winds (name not final, suggestions please!) Thoughts on the layout?

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The "entrance" station goes with the name El Toro A lot better than a generic style. Not too mention the color tones add a new level of atmosphere alone, for it adds variety while your "exit" station blends in to much to the overall enviroment.




Unamed BM Diver:



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Hatter, that looks amazing! Seriously, it does. ^.^


Just practicing with RCT3 for the first time in a while, might make a mixmaster show with it. Anyone who has seen my parks in RCT2 might immediately recognize the park and a specific area in it, sans the giant sign -


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