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The "Preview" Thread

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I recently decided to try an experiment. I really love parks that are very compact and buzzing with activity, so I am trying to make a park like that. Here are a few basic screens of a semi completed midway. Also, although this is in no way a Disney park, I am taking inspirations from Disney, as you will notice. I also have a main park mascot, but I'm not creative, so its the Tiger mascot, named Tony, cause Im too lazy to come up with a better name. All the mascots will have some kind of role.


By the way, the park is called Easter Gardens


The blank area you see in the top right will be a locker rental service. The building to the right of the entrance is Guest Relations, and the large, blue topped building is wheel chair and stroller rental. The black path is the CM entrance, it is "hidden from guests due to the foliage. Thanks for the inspiration. folf, ;)


The building you see at the front of the screen is an elaborate entrance. I tried to imagine a midway I would enjoy, so I used a lot of colors. The building after the entrance is Tony's house, where kids can meet tony. The purple building is Easter Emporium, a gift shop.


Another shot of the "guest" area. A locker rental will be added here in the blank space. The building is built the way it is so it is impossible for guests to see backstage.

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^Looks nice 10ryan. I love your style of building. If I may, maybe change that texture to sand or grass from rock?


Screen isn't completely finished. Been moving to other areas around the lake. How do you like? I tried my best with the entrance.

Teaser Dodgems.bmp

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I'm kinda stuck on what to theme this B&M Flyer. I've been thinking something Tropical/Southeast Asian/Islander but I haven't found many CS sets that really fit my needs. The terraforming and the support work is done.


I did look at the Temple of Torment scenery packs and while they work I'm kinda bummed there are no windows in either scenery pack. There is the in-game scenery, which I would use except that for whatever reason I can't put any of those scenery pieces above any paths unless it's at a ridiculous height; on top of that the pieces don't fit in flush, which is annoying.


So, I'm open for any suggestions on theme. Also, if you know of a good tropical or Southeast Asian CSO pack, let me know. Thanks.




Layout of ride. As you can see, there is no theming but supports are done.


Pretzel Loop


Yes, that is an inverted vertical loop. Because why not.


Another shot of the layout.

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/\Old Spice made a great Asian set... you should check out his trees as well, they're a huge help.[/img]


Will take a look at the set; thanks! I have the trees already, and yes, they are great.


I also downloaded something called Japanese Rice Plantation III or something similar and it keeps crashing my game (SVD for SID error). And yes, I did install it correctly (put that folder to style/themed). Weird.

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Right now I have completed two more buildings, but I don't know what to make next. MeMeMe, I took your advice on building into the hill, but the one-tile gaps will stay as I do not feel like moving the buildings. I will just put some trees in there.



The tan building is a pizza place.


The dark brown building is a candy store.

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