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The "Preview" Thread

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@CCI: Nice woody! Maybe you could add some supports at the side of the rollercoaster??

@gci2011: Those 4 fountains look like a lot because there all the same, You could make 1 fountain bigger then others or remove some of the straight fountains in the center of the fountains etc.



Heres my wednesday preview


The tekst is a bit dutch and a bit english, sorry for that. I started dutch, but decided to translate it in english. But I already saved and closed the photoshopfile when I found out I have not translated everything. Personen means Persons and Bouwjaar means Year of Construction


Its a bleuprint for a rollercoaster I'm using at the park. It will be a family coasterblueprintrct1.jpg.886dc8e8dd4fcf9e16246e571e741bd6.jpg

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Bloody hell, that's awesome! How did you make it? (The blueprint design, that is)



Uhm I placed the rollercoaster on an all snowground (so the background is white) and removed the supports with the viewoption so you only have the track. Then just take a picture of it.

In photoshop you remove the coaster from the picture. Place it all on a blue background, make the track white. Add some lines and text and thats it actually heres a picture of 1 of the blueprintsUntitled-1.jpg.692667541b8464c13751ad2e9a70af4a.jpg

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^ Umm, I like the idea but I think that the flat to straight up transition needs to be more drawn out. It looks like it would kill you pulling up that fast. Like the supports though.




I got bored, again. This was a screen from last night, I have the supports done but I want to see what you think.


Also, Im in need of someone to do that tiny merge at the top and the toggle chain. PM me it you can, thanks in advance.

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Uhh, wow. Lots of posts recently. Alright, so:

Braztaz: I agree with 10ryansmith and Dotrobot; The scale is vital and the transition doubly so.

10ryansmith: I love the layout; it looks fun.

CCI: That is one great looking coaster!

Coasterfreak101: I'm absolutely in love with the recreation and I just NEED to see more screens!

imawesome1124: The architecture on the gates is good, but I don't like the bare walls. I do love the plaza though.

AlmereStars: Nothing is complete without monkeys!

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