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The "Preview" Thread

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I'm in the United States and only have my laptop with me, so I've gone back to RCT2 for a while.


I'm a pretty much a noob so don't be too hard on me. I've only completed one "real" park before and that one was too crappy to submit, so yeah...


Entrance plaza.



The originally named "Looping Blitz" (to be pronounced with a German accent.), pre-8cars and pre-supports


Should I continue this park?

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I like this, it's very quaint - the kind of place that you could go and not be swarmed by mobs of crazy people but enjoy yourself in a family atmosphere. If I can suggest one thing, just play around with the spacing on the 'Berliner Park' sign. If you add spaces before/after/between each letter until you get the right balance, the sign'll probably look nicer, with the words stretching all the way across.


Keep it up!

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