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The "Preview" Thread

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^^Looking good already RD, can't wait to see your work in three dimensions for a change!


^Yay, someone "new" to this part of TPR! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


As for me, my project that I've been teasing had it's release kinda delayed (as you can probably tell) as I got really wrapped up in a spinoff project for it. Rest assured, an official thread is still coming soon!

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Dude, just make your coaster the way you want to make it, there's no "accuracy" involved.


Personally, I would have at least 4.7G at the very bottom of the drop.

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Side project time!


This new coaster embodies the two sides of a python: finesse and stealth plus strength and force. The first half of the ride features broad swooping turns and towering hills to create a somewhat hypnotic atmosphere and rhythm to the ride.


After the midcourse brakes, it strikes. Plunging into a series of tight ground hugging turns and small ejector bumps, the python begins to constrict the train into oblivion before it swallows its victims into its dark twisted coils.


Three letters that will take your breath away.

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I prefer the second layout. The first one just looks bad with the spacing of the corkscrews at the end and the inverting drop is too long. The second layout is more realistic but I don't really like that turn before the MCBR, perhaps have an upwards banked turn? The second layout is my choice but other people may feel differently about it.

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Alright, how many more B&M hyper coasters will I see in the next few weeks that have the Shambalahahahaha turnaround?

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