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^Dude, your coaster is terrific! Plus, basing it on GASM makes it even better! My only peeve is the lake. Drop it down a level, and it'll look better.
Thank you very much. As for the lake, its going to have some stuff added around it to mask that. I mean some ponds are nearly level too.
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Thanks Rudie, good to see so many familiar people, posts and topics still around and so many new active members.


@ Ryan I see where your trying to go in your last posted picture but you're still a ways off on really getting the setting to give off the vibe your going for. Good start though.

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Is that a B&M or intamin? can't really tell from the resoultion & colors....any hoo I'd fix that bottom support just a tad as it looks as though it wouldn't be very stable at that angle if built IRL.


It's a B&M hyper, that support is very accurate, I basically well, not basically but did, rip off the exact supports for the lift hill from Shambhala because I liked them so much, I just reversed them!

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More outdoor progress on Indiana Jones Adventure...


FastPass now available!

Note: I have no reasons to continue without support. It's a ton of effort and an extreme time consumer, and I don't know why I'm doing it if no one cares. If you want to see this project done, please respond either here or in the official ride thread (see signature).

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