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The "Preview" Thread

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How about more shots???

"Preview means ONE or TWO shots. Not your entire park. Please confine all Preview Thread items to one or two pics. "


Nin, That was a reminder for the people who a.) Don't have a thread already dedicated to their subject/parks and b.) for the people who were putting up 12-25 pictures in here.


Next time, please think before posting something like that. Braz has a thread for which he can post in. The others have not.

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As always Braz, your layouts are simply sumptious in every way- the Dinn Woodie is -beautiful, and perhaps even wouldn't have the 'Shuffle' that his coasters tended to develop later in life.


I am curious as to the Arrow you've got featured... How about more shots???


Thanks, R.D! I put up a shot of the Arrow layout a while back...it's nothing special, but here's the post.


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So I was adding on to my park that I'm building for fun, don't know the name yet, or whether or not I'll post it on here to download. But I took a 3 step by step preview as I built this ice mountain themed area to my park. Thought it was nice for Christmas! Keep in mind, that I actually play with money, and this hunk of land and ride cost me over 150,000 to build. Which took me a lot of patience to raise that money... (Took 4 in-game years to build!)


PS. I am not the master at terrain work, but I think what I came up with is probably one of the best I've done.



I pretty much just created the mountain and the path layout. I sort of knew what I was going to do in my mind, but was still doing the "going with the flow" as I don't really build mountains or anything like that.



I added a mine train (yet to be named) that is inspired by Expedition Everest. It has a huge finale drop, but sadly, it is on the right of the picture, which got cut off a bit.



And this is what my final product looked like. As you can see, it took 4 hours to build the whole thing. No Custom Scenery. My park was also doing pretty bad financially and this really increased my attendance. You can see in the pictures that is dropped to below 3,000, but right now, it's back to 3,300. Park rating even jumped higher too! Everybody loves Christmas.


I'll keep posting little updates here and there, and if I think my park is good enough for the forums, as I'm not a big RCT2 poster, then I'll post it in it's own thread.

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