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The "Preview" Thread

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This is a new park that I've been toying with on and off for a couple of years. Every time I start working on it again I go back to Illum Hills and forget this one exists. Not much to see, entrance booths and the theater are all that are complete. Everything else I'm still playing around with. If there's enough interest I may flesh it out into a full park with a story like Illum Hills


It's temporary name for the time is Vista Gardens







Let me know what you think, if you like it I'll start up a thread and work on it!

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I've changed my mind. I want to work on something the total opposite of compact. Yesterday night I started work on my new B&M Giga! This time with custom 3ds scenery!



So far all I really have done is the station, and even that is nowhere near complete.


I still have to add gates and stuff. But I'll probably do that near the end of the project as I am not sure how I want to layout the station yet.


Guest will enter the station via this ramp. I'm probably going to divide it in half and one half will be a single rider line.


The "wishbone" exit. You can keep both open or use one as a FastPass/Qbot line.


I'm going to create a thread on this once I think of a name. If you have any suggestions on a name let me know.


Comments appreciated.

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I got a student copy of Sketchup Pro... But I had to run it thought Anim8tor becuase sketchup exports 3ds with funkey colors. I used solidworks back in high school so I was kinda familiar with these types of programs. This is the first thing I have ever done in sketchup though.

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