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The "Preview" Thread

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That is a BEAUTIFUL station!


I agree, it is well detailed.


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Coming soon. A homemade Rct3 park called ADVENTURE garden's Adventure garden\'s download Beta in Game ExchangeThe beta release of adventure Garden\'s need neton1 and 2


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This section is almost finished finally. I'm planning on starting a thread sometime this week if I have the time. Going to get a few more areas finished before I do though.


That is -beautiful- all around- the medeterranian buildings look phenominal.



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Pic looks great!


But to no surprise I have some advice.


On the buidling on the bottom left. The domes on the right and left don't match although they look to be the same building. Maybe make them the same height and color?


Also none of this appear to be peepable. Which will be a shame to have such a great atmosphere and see not being utilized even further. But that's a personal preference of mine. I just hate empty walkways and silent parks, featuring empty coasters. But I guess it's better in some aesthetic views.


Final. The weird graphic-ed rocks. I have nothing against them but i think it might look a tad better if you mixed them with rct2 1/4 rocks. You can check this out in That Guy's Work on NE.


But overall it looks AMAZING. Just minor squeamishes of mine they're so annoying aren't they?

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Thanks everyone, and the rocks I'm considering on changing. There just a new style of rocks I'm trying out. Frankly I don't even NEED rocks where there at. But what the heck.


There are about eight domes periodically in the area, and the dome does flow with the area if you were playing "in-game" if you get what I'm saying.


As far as the peeps go, maybe in the future. But I haven't built a peepable park in probably 5 years. So don't hold your breath. With this park I made it impossible by using a clash between scenery pieces, and paths. While half the park still uses paths, that whole area your seeing there does not. It makes it a lot less of a hassle to build on top of paths, and keeps it glitch free.


I've been working on the park with my day off here. So expect more updates, in areas that haven't been shown yet. I'm just finishing up this one coaster that I've been working on before I even put the first scenery piece on the section I've shown. So it's been a huge work in progress, and is coming out nicely. For those who remember my last park that I abandoned. You'll see my clear motivation, and advancements in building style to the same coaster in a sense. You'll just have to wait and see. Maybe I'll include some pictures of the indoor water park before I closed it in. So keep a look out for a topic possibly later tonight.

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