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Do you like to kill and/or torture peeps on RCT games? I love doing it!


The thing is, with RCT3, i was kinda disapointed when I found out you can't kill or hurt peeps, staff etc. I kinda wanted to watch them die with 3d graphic detail!


Good ol' RCT classic... Put little peep in water and they drown!


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I remember once I made a platform of a single path and put about 20 entertainers on it. I then deleted it and watched them al flail around and die. It was so funny. I also used to do it when I'd find a guest who was dissapointed in the park. I'd drop them in the water and then pick them back up over and over again. I also used to think it was hilarious how the cars blew up when they fly off a coaster.

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Ever tried setting tower drop launch speeds so ridiculously high that they explode and all the peeps die?! YOu can't do that in RCT3, the car just blows up and the peeps fall and hit hte ground and bounce lamely.


"Put little peep in water and they drown!"


heres what you have to do:


- put several S&S's next to eachother

- Let them launch way to fast

- Set the waiting time for #1 at 3 seconds, #2 at 4 seconds, #3 at 5 seconds etc.

- open all rides at ones (via the rides-menu)


zoom out, sit back and enjoy the show its funier in RCT2 though. People create entire "launch" shows this way

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