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Top Thrill Dragster Stalls Again

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I've also wondered if enough coordination from the riders could shift the train... However, with only 4 riders, I don't know if that's possible.


I didn't even realize it was only 4 riders...even though it's in the first sentence looking back . Maybe if they worked at it for a while lol.


However a full trainload most likely could have.

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This is sort of ironic. When I was at Cedar Point last, I was talking to a Ride Op, and she said that the chances of a rollback aren't very likely, with the chance of it getting stuck at the top being slim to none. Right after she said that, there were two rollbacks in a row, and then this happened.

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^You could go into further explanation of why the tire drive system at the top does not solve the problem instead of your attitude.


If I remember correctly the ride-op still has to take the elevator up to access the drive tire panel. Instead of pushing the ride-op just jogs the train.

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I'm pretty sure its not a "tire drive" system, but i do know they have a magnetic breaking system that both can work as a trim break but also since it's magnetic it can help push the train over if its stalling, or is slowing down.

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