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Top Thrill Dragster Stalls Again

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Hahahaha those people are so lucky, i always remember the 3 seconds on the top of top thrill dragster to be the greatest view Ive ever seen. I could spend a day stuck there.


I'm surprised on point covered this though, usually they don't cover "technical problems" like the "magnum bang" last year, or the wild cat thing this year, but then again those were serious accidents.....


whatever i enjoyed the blog post. It made me laugh

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Just wondering is anyone going on the last operating day?(Nov 2nd) Ill be up there, should be cool if theres not many people there haha


I'm not going to be there, but last Saturday really wasn't too crowded. I mean, it was busy, but it was also freezing cold, so the lines were fairly reasonable... especially at night. Just wear a whole lot of clothes. And maybe a ski mask.

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I've also wondered if enough coordination from the riders could shift the train... However, with only 4 riders, I don't know if that's possible.


I will be at CP for the whole closing weekend, and I am guessing it will be quite crowded. First, Friday night is Halloween... Second, the weather is supposed to be decent (much better than last weekend), and third, it's closing weekend.


I'm just going to enjoy the weekend!

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