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Theme Park Review's 2009 Trips Announced!

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I turned my TV on last night at about 1AM in the morning, and turned it onto an old "Extreme Rides" programme. Within five seconds, these 2 mugs flashed across the screen riding on Ghostrider:


I would have counted it as subliminal advertising to persuade people to go to Cali, if I didn't notice it.


I'm going to try to get my dad to put in the deposit tonight for the WC trip. Hopefully there are still places left.

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Watching those shows are so much fun! How cool it was for you to catch Robb and Elissa!! I want your TV now, it has some great features!


I wish there was a coaster show on every week, like they have food shows on almost every day!


I'm so pumped for this summer! I can't wait to see everyone again!

Girls of TPR, WooHoo!! plus Neil! Hopefully will get some good spins in, add a very wet log flume, can't wrong with that!

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Like I said on the China trip: Scandinavia sounds sooo good. I've only been to some of the Danish parks and Liseberg in Sweden so lots of new credits to be had. I'll make up my mind this weekend.


West Coast sounds interesting too ...

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^Roxanne, I am so looking forward to hanging out with you on the WCT! I enjoyed meeting you when you joined up with us on the ECT, so now I'll really get to know you. Can't wait! (I guess I should wait for the actual participant list before I get too excited...but that's impossible!)



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^^Oh, I sent my deposit in for West Coast within hours of the trip's announcement!


If everyone is nice to me on the trip board, I might consider bringing candy sushi and butter cookies again... but I'm not flying cross-country with a Smith Island cake! Delicious though it was, that thing was a pain to transport even just driving a couple hours to Philly.


I'm holding out for more Tim Tams and Cadbury chocolates myself....

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Hi Kerry,

It was cool meeting up with everyone during the East Coast Trip.

I'm going to do my best to make sure I'm on a plane to California in Aug. That will be a flight I do Not want to miss!!


Jayson, you just made my day! OMG!! Sushi Candy, Candy Sushi!! If you can imagine Homer with Donuts (insert here)!!!! I'll be extra nice to you on the boards just to experience that again.


Crazy Puppet Show, 2 (The Remix Tour)! Ha ha, should be fun!!

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^Think of them as fast passes that cost a lot, but move you though the rides fairly quickly.


If the trip goes through a park that uses them, they may purchase them so that the group has a chance to ride all the coasters. Sometimes the park may be so crowded, this may be the only way to get all the coasters in. I know they came in handy when we did the Midwest trip.



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Q-bots (or any sort of flash-quickqueue or fastpass) are heaven when it comes down to large parks. 2 hour queue? Not for you, I know these things spice up the price of a trip, but they are soooo worth it. Being able to take it easy on an already hectic trip and not having to stand in line ruining 75% of your day waiting is so good.

To bad you get smacked with your face in the gravel if you visit a Cedar Fair park...



Speaking of which, on the WCT, will we get (unlimited) express passes at Universal Hollywood?

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Emails just went out to EVERYONE who I have received deposits from to date!


If you sent in a deposit and did not receive an email, EMAIL ME ASAP!


Get your deposits in NOW!!!!


If you're planning on sending in a deposit, give me a heads up email cause I'm trying to figure out if we'll need lotteries or not for some of the trips!



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If more people sign up for a trip than I have spots, we will have to draw names to see who can go. I wouldn't worry too much though, because I don't think we'll be over on most trips, and on the ones that we are it should only be by a few and then with drops and changes someone on the wait list will probably make it in!


As for a bus from the Deep South to Texas...No. We looked into it, but there are no parks to hit, it would take a while, and was almost as expensive as just flying!

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