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Theme Park Review's 2009 Trips Announced!

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I just got really excited about going on the trip and sending my deposit in...so I started to draw xD.


P.S. - I know there will be a special board up soon to put this, but just to get it out there -- I'm looking for a room-mate/person/thing on the trip!!!



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I'm really torn between the West Coast and Scandi trip. I have been wanting to go to California forever but the long-ass flight by myself is off putting. I could make a pit-stop in Toronto to visit family but even that flight sounds off putting compared to a short 2 hour flight to Copenhagen. I'm going to do some more "trip research" today and see if I can come to a conclusion.

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Terry, you’re right, being creative within 300 characters on Paypal is a bit of a challenge. For those that did it up with the registrations and deposit, kudos! I guess I’ll have to make up for it in the later payments, be livelier than usual, or hey, even organize a ‘talent portion’ of the trip complete with TPR style rules and judging.


What?!? My package of awesomeness is not the winner?!? Ah well, next time I will include one of my cats...


hahah yah, I can imagine the look on Robb and Elissa’s face. Dave, if the envelope is too small you must present your cat ala Aunt Bethany/ Uncle Lewis styles from Christmas Vacation!


^^Totally understand and I thought the same way at first. Little did I expect that many of people that I became close with on the trip would range anywhere between 10+ to 10- years in age. Honestly, I think that we are all college age at heart and you’ll find that many of us still act that way on a mostly permanent basis! The company, from my experience anyway, was incredible and I’m sure it’ll still be that way regardless of trip.

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^ I totally agree with Canadian Jason (hot Jason.) Once you get all of us in a lineup for ERT, we turn about 14.


CJ - are you going on a trip next year?


As far as people being shy, or worried about meeting people - don't worry. People that I met two summers ago on the Mid-West trip get together with me for holidays at parks now. I talk to a ton of the people that I've met through TPR on the trips on a regular basis. I've made friends that I'll keep forever, and I thought I was just in for coastering!


If in doubt - just sign up. You won't regret it (except that these trips are totally addictive, and you'll have to set up an ongoing budget to go on one every year.)



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^^I totally agree with all of the last three posts....well almost totally..


14? Really, I think the average age is somewhere between 8 and 10 with occasional jumps to college age, sexually suppressed inappropriate behavior!


Speaking as one that was very concerned about the not knowing anyone, traveling alone, kind of situation...just go! You'll never regret it, I know I don't. The boards they open pre-trip really help you get to know some people from the start. I had dinner the first night at the hotel with a new group of friends that I hope to keep in touch with forever...whether they like it or not! That was just the start of adult summer camp on some sort of mind altering substance! Just go!

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^Party bus is where it's at!


... miss that set of wheels.


But, speaking as someone who went on a trip with one of my best friends, I'm sure he won't mind me saying, by the end of it we didn't hang out much anyway! You may find yourself wanting too much to hang out with other awesome people, lol!


Plus, bright side, there's still gonna be the coasters .


... now, I'm gonna go cry into my pillow some more over not doing a TPR 2009 trip...

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David, the plan was originally to not do a trip this year but I’ll admit it.…I’m addicted.


Although I originally signed up for Deep South as a short but sweet trip to feed the addiction, it is now Scandi for my big b-day year! The family is willing to gift some ‘help’ for a trip along with saving discipline on my end. Before I discovered TPR and heard about Scandi, I was looking at a week or two of skiing in Whistler but let’s face it, that trip would be just as if not more expensive, the mountains aren’t going anywhere and Scandi may not happen again for a while. I never figured that I would see those countries and cities with TPR so that works out to be a huge bonus! Plus, I think I may have outgrown Contiki and I don’t think I’m at the average age of Trafalgar Tour participants just yet.


^^^^Kerry is right, it is summer camp and you can show up alone and make of it what you will. There will always be people to make you feel comfortable, welcome and at home.


I have to speak to the trip boards. They are amazing! If you make the most of it, you can really get to know some people before the trip even starts that are in the same situation or have done at least one or two trips before. In my case, I was so lucky to have been able to meet some TPR members before it started – all amazing people that really made me feel welcome and glad that I signed up for the trip (Somewhat in order: Jay, Adam, Matt, Matt, Matt, Tony, Brent, Olivier, Nick, Christiana, Cora, Scott, Jenn, Taylor, Sam and Drew). A small sample but it turned out to be 100% representative of how fun and great everyone on the trip was!

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Well, since I live in Scandinavia, then maybe I should meet you guys in Gröna Lund... You know that they will open a new ZacSpin coaster called ''Insane'' next year. Can I just meet you guys for a few hours, or do I have to tell my parents? I won't go with you on the whole trip though.


BTW, Gröna Lund is an amazing park.

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