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Theme Park Review's 2009 Trips Announced!

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Too bad i can't make the chat, I'll be working. I guess I'll just have to read the transcript later then.


Anyways I sent in my deposit last night for Deep South. Hopefully it'll be a blast, I cant wait! This is my first TPR trip. I'm hoping to meet some interesting and fun new people. It just really sucks that I'm going alone, so I guess I'll need to break out of my shell while on the trip.

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As I am currently doped up on Nyquil, I feel this would be a good time to offer the "alternate" answers to some popular questions from the trip chat transcript. (NOTE: The following is for entertainment purposes only--mostly mine--and should not be considered legitimate in any way.)


Q: The price for the trips seem pretty steep. Is it money well spent?

A: Considering the state of Wall Street, this is probably a better investment than 1,000 shares of Disney right now.


Q: If I live local to some parks, can I join you guys for just one park during a TPR trip?

A: Didn't we already get a restraining order against you last year?


Q: If you are banned from the TPR forums, you won't be allowed on this trip right?

A: Actually, quite the opposite. Our experience has taught us that people who are excessively annoying online usually have much better social skills in real life.


Q: My mom wants to know if we can do half of a trip for half the price.

A: Only if you bring your half brother.


Q: Can a friend of mine go on a TPR trip even though he is not a member of the forum and I am not going on the trip?

A: Wait, you have a friend? In real life? Like not imaginary or online or anything? Dude, please share your secret with the rest of us!


Q: Will there be a “non-Disney” option for West Coast like there was for Europe?

A: Disney already owns your soul. Michael Eisner won it in a poker game back in '97. Best to just accept this and move on.


Q: If Hard Rock Park reopens would that be included on the deep south trip?

A: No, but it will be included on the TPR Miracles of the Millennium Tour, which takes place in September.


Q: What would be good times to book a flight INTO and OUT of DFW for the Texas trip?

Approximately 3:47 a.m. or 2:52 p.m. Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


Q: Will there be porn in the back of the bus?

A: No. This year all porn will be moved to the front of the bus.


Q: Will there be any photo walk backs on any of the trips?

A: Yes. We will be doing a photo walk back of the full-sized basketball court located in the top of the Matterhorn.


Q: What happens if I'm 13 years old?

A: According to the "What the hell is this board????" sticky thread on the "Ask Alvey" board, you can now officially ask if Elissa will date you.

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I love all the random letters and stuff we get with deposits!


Ryancrash wins so far this signup season with an awesome letter with stickers and drawings!




Perhaps I got a bit overly ambitious / excited / carried away. Then again, how could I not? The Scandinavia trip is gonna RAWK!! I can't wait!!


Sorry I had to miss the chat last nite. I never ever work on Tuesday nites - (Tuesday nites are my Saturdays) - but for some odd reason I was working last nite. D'oh... Oh well, I'll look forward to reading the transcript, whenever it's posted.


Has anyone started the official countdown yet? How many days left until Scandinavia?

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Everyone is 'supervised' at the same level. We trust our minors (and confirm this with their parents ahead of time) that they are responsible enough to make meeting times, set an alarm for the morning, and not stay up all night!


Minors are roomed with other minors. We tell all of the participants who the minors are so they know not to mess with them or fulfill any 'requests' of theirs!


Other than that, they're treated pretty much the same!

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On our very first trip we had some minors try to get other participants to get them alcohol.


This has resulted in now pointing out minors to everyone, and threatening that anyone who helps a minor do ANYTHING wrong will also be banned along with the minor!

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I just got around to biting the bullet and asking the parents. Originally the Texas trip was my top choice. However, I'm a little worried about how the cliques and groups may already be formed going into Texas after the Deep South trip...do you guys have any info on how many people my age (16-18) will be doing both trips vs. just Texas? If I'm lucky I may be able to do the Deep South too, although I've been to Dollywood, Carowinds, and SFOG (I really want to give Goliath a 2nd chance because my only ride on it, in the front row, was pretty much forceless) within the last two years.

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I'd say about half to 2/3 of the people doing Deep South are also doing Texas.


So you'll have about 15 - 20 new people joining up in Texas. Obviously if you can do both, do both! As you'll have an amazing time...but if not, don't worry, you'll find cool people to hang with in Texas!

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I can't wait to meet a bunch of people on the Deep South trip and then hang with them in my usual surroundings here in Texas just a few days later, as I live right in the middle of Schlitterbahn and SFFT . That will be pretty neat, as I can't afford to do the entire Texas trip when I've been to all the parks (but I would tottaly do it if I could easily afford both to hang out with everyone).


As for being supervised as a minor, don't worry about it. Hopefully you are responsible enough to take care of yourself and follow the trip rules just like everyone else, and if you can, you won't be treated any differently. While the range of 'ages' on the trip might be pretty spread out, it isn't really noticable at all and everyone just has a blast.


Is it July yet??

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Yeah, when I first mentioned this to my dad, his first reaction was, "WHAT?! You and 50 adults?!" I then proceeded to tell him that I wouldn't be the only one my age but he's still concerned for some reason. I know about how minors are pointed out at the beginning of the trip and the strict rules about giving us alcohol, and of course I'd never attempt any of that. He's just one of those people. I know everyone that goes on these trips are very nice people that love coasters and having fun with others.


Edit - wow, that sounded really sappy. I apologize to everyone.

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^Eli and I will be on the Deep South trip, but not Texas. Don't need a roomie, but there will be familiar faces around.


As far as the minors on the trip - I usually forgot that Jake was a minor. Hell - some of the youngest people on the trip were more responsible than the "adults." Don't worry about it - everyone there is there to have a good time. As I posted earlier - the average "age" of everyone drops to about the same level once the trip starts.



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