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I was wondering if anyone who has ridden an Intamin Half Pipe (like the one at Elitch Gardens) or a shuttle "Sky Loop" X-Car Coaster (like the one at Magic Springs) can input what they thought about the rides.


I've ridden coasters with spinning cars before, and I liked Wicked Twister at Cedar Point, but for some reason combining them both on the Half Pipe looks like trouble. I forsee a high level of nausea.


I can vaguely remember the hanging sensation from the X-Car at Drayton Manor, but I've never been through a Sky Loop inversion and I hear they pull a lot of Gs at the bottom of the pullout and in each back-and-forth.


The possibility exists that I will be riding one of each type of coaster next year, and any input you guys may have would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I´ve ridden both: Half Pipe at Sarkanniemi, Finland and Sky Loop X-Car at Skyline Park, Germany.


Just like the smartestcoasterkidever! stated above: the Intamin Half Pipe is plain fun!


The X-Car Sky Loop is not too bad either, but when I rode it, they didn´t put it on the normal breaks and it had to swing to a stop: that was the nauseating part. But it´s OK.


Both rides are a bit short. If you can ride the Wicked Twister, you can ride the Half Pipe as well as the Sky Loop.


Have fun with both next year!

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I've ridden the X-Coaster at Magic Springs! I thought the ride was too short, really. All you did was pull straight up the lift hill, and when you reach the top you basically flip upside down really slow. When you're upside down you hang there for like three seconds. Can anyone say EXTREME HANGTIME! The twist is fun, but when you fly back through the station be ready for some G's. The restraints keep pushing down, so I reccomend that you push out your stomach so it doesn't smash you. After that you fly back up the lift and fall back down it. Then you fly back through the station and start to go back up to the twist, but fall back down before you reach it. After that you go back through the station once more and start to go back up the lift. When you get about 3/4 of the way up it stops...abruptly. Just remember to keep your head back and you shouldn't have a problem with anything.


Don't get me wrong the ride is thrilling, but it's just a tad short. It may be short, but it packs a punch!

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