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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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^^I'm just going to guess and say resources: Six Flags doesn't have a dedicated division just for design/engineering with all sorts of specialists on hand like Disney does with WDI. Six Flags probably also doesn't have the extra money it would take for all the vendors to design a more integrated solution.


But the end result is still the same anyways: audio on the coasters. Looks aren't the emphasis of the rides @ Six Flags with audio (they're not trying to sell them as anything other than giant roller coasters with audio/FX), whereas Disney places a higher premium on how the ride looks and the overall themed experience.

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^Yeah that's what I was thinking, Disney usually orders custom trains for their rides where the SOBATs can be integrated, sfmm just slaps audio on to a standard train (with some design like termy). You're right though, in the end it's pretty much the same experience

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^ It's hard to say because the Terminator: Salvation soundtrack has not yet been released. And while they could use the stock Terminator theme, it's much to low and mellow for it to work on a fast paced roller coaster.


Jake "Maybe they'll play that Nine Inch Nails song they've been using in the trailer?" Sundstrom

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Terminator Testing video in HD here:



Terminator Testing!!!


Some dudes checking out all that wood.


The sign peeking over the wall.


Yup, this all looks about the same.


This shot is 900% better with lens flare.


I still like the little bendy part of that turn!


"Did anyone order wings and beer?"


This all looks very familiar.


The station is sponsered by Tyvek.


I spy dudes with orange hats!


OMG! What is that?!?!




Speakers. So Christian Bale can yell at the riders.


Ok, ok, enough of the lift hill all ready! Go over the top!










And it's time for a little bit of station fly-by!


Hey, what's that big box doing following the train?


Those aren't water dummies....they are TERMINATORS!!!!


Darkness falls and I count 11 cars. (plus one giant box!)


Somewhere in that madness is a train...can you spot the train?


This is what it looks like when the Terminators travel through time.


The next update will be from MEDIA DAY!!!

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WOW!!! Cannot wait to finally ride this thing. It looks amazing. Thank you so much for the video Robb. Love the commentary. Can't wait to see how you guys like it. Just one more week!


Edit: And it flys through the course incredibly fast. Going to be an intense ride.

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