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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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May 3rd - Terminator Salvation: The Ride UPDATE!


Hey everyone! We are back from our trans Atlantic cruise, so that means more Terminator updates for all of you!


There has been a TON of progress in the past couple of weeks! Check it out below, but you'll see the station fly-by, transfer track area, lots of buildings being framed (I'm assuming pre-show buildings), what looks like the first pieces of area theming on site, and the entrance SIGN!


And something very interesting appears to be happening on the ride...but read the update below to find out! (Oh, and be sure to try to answer the Email Dan question!)




Oooh! We have SIGN!


Here is today's cyber-cam shot. As you can see the ride is almost done!


Quite a difference a few bulldozers, new wood and a couple of years make, huh?


Work is being done on the station (to the left) and the transfer track area (to the right)


You can already see some queue is getting set up, and hmm...what is that I see...let's take a closer look...


Could this be...theming???


Have a look at the sign and the bridge.


Zoom out just a little and you can see something being built just on the other site of the bridge. What could that be?


Another look at the current construction. Lots of framework going up. I wonder what those could be for? Pre-show buildings? On-ride photos?


A slightly more zoomed out shot of the entire ride.


Not much wood left over now!


A few random popsicle sticks laying around.


Hmm...two of those things do not belong...let's take a closer look...


I wonder what those beat up cars are for?


Oh, they must be for Goliath! My bad!


Here's another look at the entrance area. Let's check out another angle!


Oooh! Peek-A-Boo! What's this I see? I spy TWO TPR members in this picture! Do you know who they are? If you know, EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com The first 10 people with the correct answer will get a TPR Bag-Of-Crap!


Winner every time!


Hmm...looks like another building getting renovated? (Or even demolished?) Maybe this will be Terminator Salvation: The Shop!


With all this goodness going on, in the "disappointing" category, the restrooms by the ride opened back up, and while some work was done (new stall doors, etc) they didn't look that much better than before. There wasn't even a baby changing station! C'mon, SFMM, if you're going to be "family friendly" you should be adding the things that families need that you'll find at other parks!


And from the other side of the bridge you can see some more work being done.


Up, it's a bridge.


Wonder what that shed will eventually be?


Ahh, this is still one of the prettiest shots you can get!


Ooh! Station fly-by! Yay!


Random track.


More station fly-by.


Well, this is interesting..


Are they tunneling in that turn around?


Sort of looks like it! So maybe THIS is what happened to those X2 tunnels!


GCI Station Fly-by = AWESOME!


Another look at the very DENSE first drop!


Want another station fly-by pic? Ok!


My doctor told me that I need to have at least three random track pictures per Terminator Salvation: The Ride update.


Very interesting...


More random track!


And one more look at the entrance...that's right Terminator Salvation: The Ride...it won't be long now! See you in a few weeks!


Thanks for reading!



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It's amazing how much sfmm can do in one week, last week none of those walls or pre show building frames, were there, the locker hut was just a frame, and most importantly that sexy signage wasnt there. I'm starting to think that the trolls working the late shifts theory is true

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Awesome pictures. It's looking fantastic, and love that entrance sign, it's better than I thought it would be. The little structure by the bridge is lockers I believe.


I believe they may be working 24/7 to get this thing done on time, because don't they need a week or two to test the trains? They probably have workers all night working on it, using large light lamps to see.


I can't wait to see the progress by next week, they'll probably be testing the trains, and we'll all see what they look like.



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LOL, that was a great update Robb. Thanks!


It's so weird that a "typical" GCI could have me so pumped to ride. This ride (as far as elements go) just doesn't look very exciting. However I do get a kick out of the idea that SFMM will have a wooden coaster worth riding again. And I'm excited to see the theming as well.


Should be fun!

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This ride is looking more and more amazing every week!! I can't wait to ride this thing! It caught my eye that they also might be building a tunnel right after the station fly-by.[/img]

Which image were you talking about? I noticed that too but didn't want to mention anything because it was hard to tell.


Good thing to see those old X2 tunnels are being put to good use!




EDIT - I see what picture you're talking about...


Yep, that would appear to be a tunnel they are building!

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Diana and I were out at the park today for awhile and saw the Terminator sign. She got a picture of it with her phone and sent it to me to post, but the one you posted is better, so I don't need to post mine.


This ride is looking great and I can't wait to ride it. I doubt I'll make it to media day, but I'll get there.



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Awesome! There is a LOT going on in that area. The station is gonna be in the middle of quite the bustle of activity. The queue is gonna go under the structure a lot too, which is awesome.


Gotta love the Jeep. Maybe during Fright Fest they could switch out Terminator's Jeep with B:TR's cop car.


For the on-board audio, it would be SO awesome to have just a small snippet of Christian Bale freaking out. Maybe that is what the second pre-show building is devoted too?


"You want me to trash your lights?!?! You want me to trash em?!?!?!"


That's all the theming I could ask for.

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"I seem to remember a tunnel on Roar West as well. It's been years since I've ridden it." (Manic Monte)


It's been almost ten years since I rode it, and I don't believe there are any tunnels, but there is a covered section with open sides if memory serves.



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^haha he beat me to it


Ooh - tunnels on a GCI. That doesn't happen too often, does it?


I seem to remember a tunnel on Roar West as well.


It's been years since I've ridden it.

Roar has a kind of partially enclosed tunnel, it has a roof, but no real sides, just pylons to hold up the roof, we're probably looking at a real tunnel here, which is what I like to see, that'll bring sfmm's tunnel count up to 4! (including gold rusher's lift)

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Terminator sure is looking great! I'm really looking forward to riding it my next trip out there. I've only ridden one other GCI, Gwazi, so I'm sure this one will be excellent. I'm really liking the tunnels. And I just noticed from the pictures, are those spotlights on the top of the sign?

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