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Photo TR: Scarowinds


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Here's my TR from my trip to Scarowinds this past Sunday. My friends and I got there at around 4:30 PM since we were getting the VIP Pre-Scare package, which started at 5:30 PM. That meant we got a buffet, a tour of 2 mazes, and early entry into the park. This was my first time at Scarowinds so I really didn't know what to expect.


First off, we were led to the VIP buffet area with about 30 other people. After we were done eating, about 10 scharacters (as they are called at Scarowinds) came out and started scaring people. The costumes and make-up were really good and the scharacters really seemed like they enjoyed their jobs. After that, we were led by our tour-guide scharacter to 3 mazes: Last Laff, Dead Inn, and finally The Asylum. When we were done with those mazes, my friends and I rushed to Nighthawk, since it usually has the longest lines out of all the rides. We got there just as the gates opened to the public. Nighthawk was running better than it did when I last visited in July; it helped that they were running two trains this time. We barely had to wait on most of the rides in the park.


I'm really glad we got the VIP package because we had enough time to do all the major rides and also all of the mazes. We got to ride Nighthawk, Afterburn, Thunder Road, Hurler, Ricochet, and Carolina Cyclone. Most of the mazes were really good. Here's how I rate them:


Last Laff - 5/5

Dead Inn - 3/5

The Asylum - 4/5

CornStalkers - 2/5

The Dream Factory - 4/5

Final Summons - 3/5

Slaughter House - 4/5

Alien Annihilation - 5/5


Overall, I had a great time at Scarowinds. The only complaint that I have is that they didn't have enough scharacters. Throughout the night, we only saw about 10 of them running around. On a side note, the park theming was great. Pics to follow.


I leave you with a pic of this nice gravestone. RIP.


Some more park theming.


The Hurler was horrible, but I did get some good airtime on the first drop.


A creepy clown scharacter. Now I know what I'm gonna be for Halloween!


Alien Annihilation was a great maze.


Bad shot of Afterburn's logo. The ride was great, as usual.


Some nice park theming.


Thunder Road was great (although they were only running one side).


The Dream Factory maze was another one of my favorites.


A tall, creepy demon scharacter.


Nighthawk in the distance.


The Asylum maze was just okay.


Last Laff was my favorite maze.


Upskirt shot of Nighthawk.


This cool but creepy scharacter girl.


That's just hideous.


Our tour-guide scharacter was great.


A bloody surgeon guy that kept coming by our table.


Me in front of the Scarowinds hearse.


The Carolina Cobra crate out front. I heard a lot of the GP saying stuff like "Wow, this is so cool." and "I can't wait to ride this." You can't blame them since there aren't many boomerangs around here.


My VIP Pass!

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Glad you had a good time at the park. I agree with you that we have a lack of scaractors. We have an overall lack of employees in general. That's actually why we were only running one side on Thunder Road. We were understaffed and didn't have enough people to run both sides. I'm surprised you didn't really like Asylum, I think it's our best.

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Thanks for the update on Scarowinds. I'm going next Thursday and am really looking forward to this! Were the random vampire groups there this year? I stumbled across a group of them last year after passing through one of the dark tunnel walk-throughs....uber creepy/cool!

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