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Six Flags Mexico Trip Planning


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Ok, so I'm pretty sure from reading this site since 2005, that the Alvey's haven't been to Six Flags Mexico (or at least recently). I want to find out from anyone who has gone there how it is traveling there.


Please note that this is a very long post.



I'm still in contact with my babysitter that I had many years ago and she is Mexican and has family in Mexico. She said that she traveled there recently and it was terrible. She said that instead of little kids being in school they work on the streets and try to make money doing simple tasks such as washing cars at stoplights, ect. I told her that I wanted to go there for roller coasters and she said it was a very bad idea.


My dad's gone there on business and he had to have bodygaurds. From what I've heard, American's aren't very welcome in Mexico City.


At this point in my credit whoring life I've been on 465 (466 if you count relocated) coasters. The only major parks I have left in North America are Northern CA, washington state/ idaho/ oregon, small texas parks/ cliffs, and parks in maine/ NH, and Mexican parks. I haven't been to dollywood or any of the small parks around there, but I'll be getting those this summer b/c I have family in TN (easy parks to hit up).


So Six Flags Mexico and the park with the mobius woodie are on my list of "rare" parks. I usually base my trips off of 1-big parks, 2-wooden coasters I haven't been on, 3-new coasters. So Mexico is a good trip, because it has my top two reasons for choosing a location.



Ok, so that's all the background information for why I want to go there and I also wanted to verify that there is a good chance I will do this. I understand that a lot of people ask information about trips that they know they aren't going to do and it ends up just being a waste of time for people who respond. Also, please only respond to this topic if you've been to the park or if you have a lot of knowledge of traveling. But if anyone has info post it, I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything


Finally, here are my questions for people who have gone there:

1.) If you traveled to Mexico City, did you drive or fly from your home?

2.) If you flew into Mexico City, how was the drive from the airport to either of the amusement parks.

3.) On a scale of 1-10 (10 highest) how safe did you feel at Six Flags Mexico (if you went there)?

4.) On a scale of 1-10 how safe did you feel at La Feria Chapultepec Magico (if you went)?

5.) Which country do you live in?

6.) What nationality are you (roughly)?

7.) At any point did you get in a dangerous situation or feel unsafe?



Here's my gameplan if I do this:

-Fly to Mexico City (early in morning on weekday)

-Go to Six Flags Mexico that same day all day.

-Stay in the most expensive/ safe hotel that I can find in that area.

-Go to La Feria Chapultepec Magico for maybe 2 hours on second day.

-*Go back to Six Flags Mexico on 2nd day if I didn't get all credits first day.

-Fly back that night or next day.

-Possibly dress "less American" and wear maybe a hat from australia or a shirt that's in all German if it's true that American's aren't welcomed in Mexico City


So it's a very short trip and hopefully it won't be too expensive overall (has high $/credit ratio though).

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Well I realized that I wrote a ton above, so if you read this post first just read this.


If you have any info about Six Flags Mexico and traveling to Mexico City I would really appreciate any input.


Thanks a ton


As with traveling to any large (and international) city you need to be careful of your surroundings and do not stand out as a tourist (i.e.- don't have your camera out everywhere you go). As far as being American, I do not think that Americans are specifically targeted, but simply tourists that could have a lot of cash and/or valuables. I wouldn't wear an American flag on my shirt though (nor any country's flag). Solid colors and no jewelry are a safe bet.


I cannot offer specifics about MC, but I have traveled to other large cities in Latin America (some with the same 'medium risk' that the Department of State rates Mexico City in terms of theft and crime). If you are just going for two nights, you shouldn't have any problems.


Read over this page (especially the safety parts). WikiTravel


Most of all, have fun while you are there, but be alert and know exactly where you are going at all times.

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Ok, this is my first post here, and I hope it is not too late to reply. I'm mexican and I live in Guadalajara, I have been to six flags mexico.

It is true that many kids here stop going to school to work, it is a sad social problem that the goverment is trying (or at least they say so) to fix.


It is not true that americans aren't welcomed here, but you have to be carefull because mexico city is really unsafe, so try not to wear your best clothes, just wear something informal, DO NOT wear any kind of jewrerly and try not to bring a lot of money with you while on the streets.


To answer your questions:

1) I drove from home

2) I'm not sure

3) I would say a 10, even thow this is a third-world country, the rides at Six Flags are verry safe.

4) I didn't go

5) Mexico

6) Mexican

7) I did feel unsafe in several parts of the city, so try to stay away from poor zones and try to stay in a good, zone (if you can understand me)


I personaly don't understand why do you want to come here, because we don't have the greatest coasters, but overall it is a fun place to spend the day. You probably won't have to spend 2 days in the park, just try to buy a flash-pass (they are caled the same here).


There are only 4 mayor casters in the park:

Medusa- a wooden coaster, I would say it's pretty fun to ride,

Batman- a standard SLC

Superman- a morgan hyper, the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in latin america.

Boomerang- it was the first boomerang coaster installed by vekoma.


If you go, have a fun day!

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1) I took a bus to Mexico City from Guadalajara (I too am from Guadalajara)


3)6 for a six flags park (pretty average), 9 for a Mexican park

4) 7. i didn't get freaked out or anything

5)I live in the US and have spent most of my life here. I am Mexican American and was born in Guadalajara. (It's the best city in Mexico by far)



Now, about the danger level: Mexico City can screw you over, but it can also be a very friendly place too. It just depends where you go. Stay downtown and never travel alone. Don't take the taxis, and don't take the public bus. I know, that diminishes travel ideas. Basically, find out if the hotel has a shuttle service. Make friends with the driver and TIP HIM WELL and he will return. Mexico City is all about 'you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.' and if not; i'll rob you. Don't get ice in your drinks and be careful with veggies. Oh, and don't worry about dressing german and wearing an australian hat. That's not going to help you. You'll only call attention to yourself. It's not that they hate Americans, it's that they rob easy targets. Mexicans don't discriminate like that lol.


The park is a pretty good park, considering the rest of the amusement parks in mexico are basically like our state fairs. So considering the fact that Six Flags Mexico is clean, has safe rides, and is in Mexico is amazing. You'll definitely get all the credits in a day. I do hope you're traveling with someone. Don't go alone.


I love Mexico, with all my heart. I've seen some Americans bash it becuase of the conditions a lot of Mexico is in. But to me; that's the beauty of it all. The people are friendly, and as long as you try and communicate with them back, and aren't just a snobb who expects the whole world to know english, then you'll be just fine. enjoy the culture. Have a shot of tequila, don't breath in the air too heavily, and absorb the culture. It's a lot of fun.


Hope that helps

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I spent a month backpacking through Central and eastern Mexico last year with my seven year old son and never had a problem. While these areas weren't as bad as Mexico City, as long as you use common sense and don't go to the wrong places then everything should be ok.


I would recommend that you read some travel sites and more general information on traveling to Mexico City. Mexico is a wonderful country and most of the people are incredibly friendly and helpful.

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Thanks a lot for the travel tips. I have no idea where I'm going next summer, but I'll definitely keep everyone updated. I'll write a PTR if I go to Mexico so everyone who helped me knows how it went.


Don't worry- If I go I won't stick out as a tourist/ easy target. I won't have on a sombrero and a fanny pack and all kinds of touristy stuff that a typical american would buy. I'll just dress normal. I would imagine that a thief would go for somebody who isn't very well built or someone who is medium height, so I'll be fine.


I'm very satisfied with the help I've gotten. When I first posted this I was expecting to have 20 replies from people who had no idea what they were talking about

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