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Phobias and Fear

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I have the fear of people I know getting mad at me. Like teachers. They can scare me to tears.

Haha, same. Not necessarily to tears, but it really hits me. I'm too happy and go-lucky to take it. The funny thing is that I'm good at holding it in, and most people think that I'm not making a big deal about it and that I should. Well, I am, I just don't want to shout it out or anything. Let's all be friends...

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Exactly. I am to happy and stuff. So when a teacher comes and yells at me, it really scares me. I'm good at holding it in as well. Yeah its sorta hard though...


The last time my drama teacher yelled at me, I didn't audition for the musical. He already had a part picked for me Taught him a lesson, though; he's really careful not to raise his voice even a little now!




You know, dolls give me the creeps. I just hate the thought of little pale, porcelain people staring at me.

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When I'm at the beach I am petrified by the thought of getting caught by undertow and getting dragged out too far. That is why I generally stay pretty close to the shore and don't go that far out.


Wasps scare the S@%# out of me, I was talking to my mom on the phone after getting out of the pool when a hornet flew towards me, I screamed "OH MY GOD" and jumped over the fence and ran into the yard. I know I'm a wuss.

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Lightheartedly, I fear any video game or movie that has to do with mutated things! When I played Halo, I thought it would just be a fun game! Colorful worlds, with human-like aliens (slightly comical even, the Grunts were funny ). But then the Flood showed up.


And from then on, the Flood ends up BEING THE FOCUS of the series. I remember I quit playing Halo 2 early because of the Flood. But then a few years later I decided "What the heck, I'm older, I can handle this" and beat the game. Just today I beat Metroid Prime after almost 9 years. I HATE it when games start off warm and colorful, but then ooops, that was a mistake, the game's supposed to be dark, gloomy, full of mutated things I've still got Halo 3 to beat, it's been 4 years and I'm only 30% through the game. I guess it's time to face my fear and destroy the Flood once and for all.


And to the one with the potato fear, don't feel alone in being afraid of things in the kitchen. I HATE knives! And I also hate skillets filled with oil! Has anyone here ever had the oil pop and blow up on your skin? NOOOO!!! Every pop makes me squeal like a girl

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Suprising for me- I work in the airline industry, and I love coasters... I'm terrified of HEIGHTS.


I have real problems in tall buildings, I don't go over mountain roads if avoidable, and I try to make sure to get low seats in theaters- as I've had bad panic attacks in such places- it means no road trips over mountains, I won't go to the top of the Stratosphere, I get low hotel rooms when on travel, and I avoid window seats on planes.

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Has anyone here ever had the oil pop and blow up on your skin? NOOOO!!! Every pop makes me squeal like a girl


I'll one-up you here and say that having oil fly into your eye is 1,000x worse than on the skin. Just sayin'.


I have mild claustrophobia. It's nothing intense, like crowded elevators and such, but its more of the confined spaces where it's hard to move freely, there's not much room int he space, and you can't get out that easily. I have a hard time with that.

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^^ Most people have never heard of it. I'm not even sure if it has a scientific name.

But it's definitely serious, I just don't understand why I have it


It is an extremely rare disorder, but it is called potnonomicaphobia. This is the fear of any type of potato product. This comes from www.foodaq.com. It referrs to any fear of potatoes, but mostly applies to mashed.



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