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Phobias and Fear

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Thunnder and lighting is my worst one. I was in florida in 2006 and ofcourse it was like storming every night so i would end up shaking and crying it was awful. AAlso i was in france last year and i just happend to be a in a house with paper thin glass for windows so evertime it thunderd the glass would rattle .

Erm the dark freaks me out and the feeling of not knowing.

Throwing up

Falling out of a rollercoaster. or a rollercoaster breaking down while im upside down .


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I'm terrified of wasps, and unless I'm on a roller coaster, heights. Another fear that I can't really explain is kind of like dead silence, but only sometimes. If I'm inside a familiar building it doesn't bother me. If I'm outside it creeps me out, and if I hear the slightest noise I get on edge, and might even run inside. It's weird, I know.

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I used to be scared of going upside down, which is why I never went on coasters, but I got over that fear because of my boyfriend

I actually do have a phobia of thunder and lightning. A phobia is defined as that your so scared it stops you from functioning. When thunder and lightning happens it is extremely hard for me to function and the only place i feel safe is in my car driving. Weird I know.

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