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Bakken to Build Mini Intamin Spinning Coaster In 2009

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No it isn't the Kanonen clone as previously rumored, but Bakken has announced that they will build a new Intamin spinning coaster for the 2009 season. All that is known so far is that it will be 33ft tall and 984ft long. I assume that this will be one of their twist and turn coasters as I don't think Intamin has any other spinning coaster designs unless this will be a new ride design. It won't be big, but it should still be a fun little ride.




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Most smaller coasters being built these days are out classing some of the larger ones of yesterday. To me a coaster doesn't have to be a million loops, or over 500ft tall to impress me. I like smaller coasters because they can give just about the best experiences for some of them. Look at well here's 2 examples. Look at Mystery Mine versus Kingda Ka, or even Balder versus Son Of Beast. This alone should say something.

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The track is almost complete! Have a good look at the track because it's going to get covered pretty soon. And it'll open plenty of time before the TPR comes by

26th March is the opening day.



Edit: My danish isn't that good so after I read the text again it doesn't say it's complete but will be complete on 26th of may. But it looks almost complete

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apparently the ride will also feature tornado effects within the ride building. should provide a pretty nice experience


Hopefully it will turn out better than the last coaster to have a tornado effect *cough*windjammer*cough*

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Hi everyone,


I have just come back from Bakken and taken some pictures of the new Intamin spinning coaster, Tornado, they are constructing there.


It seems as if most of the track construction has been completed, some small things still need to be fitted in like the station platform, adding the chain lift, and so on, but it seems as if they are getting along fine.


Though allot of work is still needed if the coaster is to be covered, according to Bakkens own press release it will be indoors. I've heard that Tornado will have some neat tornado like effects such as fans and and maybe an actual "smoke" tornado effect. I am not sure how the coaster will be made indoors but my best guess would be that a canvas, or tent like structure will cover the coaster. So if the coaster is to be completed by the opening day (26th of March) the construction crew needs to speed up the work by a notch or two.


None-the-less you can see the progress for yourself in the photos I have taken. Note the some of the photos are from last Sunday (15th of February) and some are from today (22nd of February). If the photos seem a bit shaky it is because the photos have been taken with my mobile.


Enjoy the photos, and have a look at the following websites for more photos.


Themeparkdenmark's Forum: http://tinyurl.com/aaukmx

Unofficial site about Bakken 2009: http://www.freewebs.com/bakken2009


22nd of February: From the back of the coaster.

If you have made it this far thanks!

And remember to have a look at the other sites!


22nd of February: Cog for the chain lift, I think... Excuse the shakey photo. :(


22nd of February: Another type of chain for the chain lift. Anybody know why there are two chains for the lift?


22nd of February: Chain for the chain lift.


22nd of February: Site overview from the side. Just moments after this photo was taken it began to rain. :(


22nd of February: Magnet for the brake run note the warning sticker. "I will eat you metal object!"


22nd of February: Jep, I know what you are thinking. "Ride of quality" right?


22nd of February: Site overview. Note the change that has happened in one week! Again, excuse the shakey photo.


22nd of February: Motors for the tires at the station area. Excuse the shakey photo. :(


22nd of February: Chain lift motor, note that they are in the process of adding the chain...


22nd of February: Top of the lift.


22nd of February: Now fast forward one week, and a have a look at the lift area.


15th of February: Part of the track will run over the walkway area. I do not know how they will cover this area, or maybe they won't that is the mistery.


15th of February: Track mess! And construction mess!


15th of February: Brake run area.


15th of February: The missing link! Or the missing chain lift.


15th of February: Overview of the construction site and coaster.

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Mmmmm Intamin track. I really like the cog wheel picture. Tornado looks like it will be really fun. I love watching construction so thanks for sharing the new pics!


I do wonder if it is going to be indoors, why bother painting the track unless there are going to be lights where you can actually see the track. Otherwise, it could have just been left unpainted except for the load area. Regardless, I think it does look good!

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Thanks for the update Dane.


From the pictures I have seen of Tornado, I could not figure out where in the park the coaster was being built.


On seeing your pictures & the one of the 'Water Scooters' ride (Sorry I forget it's name ) in the foreground I now know exactly where it is situated.

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