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Skara Sommarland Discussion Thread

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Sorry, my English is not the best. But I finish the ninth grade this year. Skara sommarland hosting a party called "Last night with the gang". It's for all young people who finish the ninth grade. Now I hope you will understand better!

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^ You mean that it's one of those days that normal people should avoid then


This coaster is the one that I'm most looking forward to ride this year, just because it's so different to anything else out there.

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Hey! New updates with photos from Tranan's blog, and two new photos at RCDB! Enjoy!


Tranan is now open at the weekend.


(But I will go on the 12th June)


The first S&S Power Free Fly in the world!


Tranan at Skara Sommarland, Sweden.


The lift uphill.




The wheel fasteners.

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Screeching like an eagle, maybe it's deliberate - I doubt it.


All I can say is this coaster looks unusual and I will ride it if we get the chance on the Scandi tour. It still seems rather pointless to have track that inverts but the riders don't go upside down. Oh well, I'll reserve judgement until I ride it.

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Well the point of inverted tracks is because of the rolls which are the interesting parts giving a nice sensation of weightlessness.


Thanks for that, I wasn't clear about what the point of the rolls was. I thought it was more like - oh no we're going to go upside down, no we're not sort of thing, which might amuse younger riders.

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I don't know, but I think the concept is cool and a lot more can be done with it. It probably could be like the Arrow suspended coaster of the 21st century if they experiment with it more. The only problem would be the forces put onto the cars with the extreme swinging. Imagine the cars like this on Big Bad Wolf or creating a layout with long drops and turns in a deeply wooded forest.


It might not be possible, but it's something cool to think about.

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That thing needs grease. I cannot believe how much it screeches,
Sounds like New Wheels on Painted Rails to me. Wicked did the same thing when it was brand new. Looks like another fun new Family Coaster option to me. I hope S&S sells a couple more of these with an even longer layout.


- Sid

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Now that I think about it...what happened to the 'bird' cars?

The're just testing the ride so I'm assuming the bird will be added later.


I think the design if pretty cool but I have to imagine the ride is a capacity nightmare.

Well S&S really isn't known to have the best capacity for any of their rides.


Imagine the cars like this on Big Bad Wolf or creating a layout with long drops and turns in a deeply wooded forest.

You mean like Eagle Fortress? An EF, style Eagle Coaster actually sounds very cool although I don't think many parks would opt for one.

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what kind of restrains uses this coaster?


Well, my speculation is that it is just lap restraint and the reason I say that is because in this picture the women in the stripes does not appear to have restraints over the shoulders. Also, in the video that someone took at IAAPA (I think) the concept design does not have OTSR's either. Of the pov on page 9 of this thread you can also tell at times that there are no OTSR's.



Photo from RCDB.

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