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Trip Report Time w/Pics! PLEASE HELP me get to Disneyland!

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I'm not sure where my other post went but....


Yesterday at 8:15 in the morning Andrew called to wake me up and told me to look at the photo contest page. And now for the big announcement....


WE WON!!!!!!


Here's the link if you would like to see:



I'd just like to say thanks and how grateful I am to all the wonderful people who voted for us! A special thanks to all the people who posted as well (I'm sorry if I've missed a couple names, the list got so big!):


Robbalvey, Big Mike, gerd.muller (and family and office), Xmeister, ECZenith, roscoe, Groteslurf, TheMenefee, themeparkguy27, devol4, scooterdoug, PKI ManJZ, the ghost, CoasterFanatic, I love DW, packfanlv, BeemerBoy, Scaparri, ratdogg68, coasterdude5, coastercrazed49, socalMAN123, KrakenKing, XII, brilinjo, jkwan, thrillerman1, THE ONE, BelizeIt, alomar, alpengeist04, disneymoc, coaster_dad, Aaronkv, Coaster Palooza, jan.andren, Stealth Assassin, aslinterpreter, nagro5, HEADCHEEZ, tsmcdon, sfkk339, dino, Disney Freak Andrew, digidude18, SFMMMan17, macca_boy69, AlmereStars, Mr Stratosphere, hipbrianhop, Justin, spangle, Ryan King, Woogle, TheRapidsNerd, Pufferfish, Cyber.Fiber, disneyland255, TheBannedKid, silvercrew1, philthephorce, BkkMan13, odie, sixflagsguy5, coolhandluke, KerryB, Kennyweird, the ghost, david260172, Yeti762, RIP Psyclone, Kalepi_Konei, SharkTums, monkeyoverlord71, Wathell, krazekiddd, CTU Agent, Mechanic, Brandy524, StormFreak, orangecats2, hansrubens, cobra_roll06, rhcp1fan, TheRapidsNerd, pdcr777, KerryB, gisco, and AllenA07.


Also, many thanks to everyone who voted and did not post, your votes were greatly appreciated! A big thanks to the Alveys and Big Mike for putting our link on the main page and in the Road Show thread! You guys are awesome and we couldn't have done it without you. This really is a win for the entire TPR family! Mom, Andrew, and I are so excited to go to Disneyland to see it at Christmastime and I can't wait to finally see Haunted Mansion Holiday and Small World Holiday for myself! Thanks again and big hugs to all the wonderful people who voted!!


p.s. the final vote count was 1584 We'll let everyone know when we're going in case anyone wanted to meet and go on some rides. We'll let you know for sure as soon as we know!

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I'm not sure where my other post went but....

Sorry! It got lost in last night's outage....


Still that is SO AWESOME that you guys won!!!!


I think everyone here will look forward to either meeting you guys or the trip report!



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congrats, we are all soooo happy that you did it!

wish you such a great time at disneyland!




I LOVE the row of smileys!! Thanks to everyone again so very much! We're so excited to go and can't wait till December! I can't help but smile anytime I think about it, going during the Christmastime celebration has been a wish of mine for a long long time and it finally comes true this year! This is proof that dreams really DO come true (with help from the wonderful TPR family ) We'll definetly make sure to take tons of pictures and make a great TR when we get back.


Thanks again so much to everyone!

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Simply go to http://www.mix969.com/pages/disney-photo/vote.html and vote for us using your e-mail address. There is 1 vote per e-mail PER DAY!!!




The process is very simple and takes about a minute to do...


~~Katie and Andrew


You both looked GREAT! But .. I have a soft spot for British Nannies (or, one in particular, you know who you are, 'sugar'!) and she was flawless... so ..




Don't hate me.


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Wow, I'm really happy for you. I actually got excited when I saw the tagline saying, "we won". Voting for you made me feel like I was a part of that (albeit small part).


Yeah I got really excited about that too. I'm all smiley and happy now, even though it's you guys going, I feel happy that I could help in any way possible. And this totally just made my day!


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