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Trip Report Time w/Pics! PLEASE HELP me get to Disneyland!

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Hello TPR Friends!! My name is Katie Stein and I am entered (with my boyfriend of 3 years, Andrew) in Mix 96.9’s (Phx, AZ) Halloween costume contest to win a trip to Disneyland. We’re dressed as Tinkerbell and Captain Jack Sparrow. With your help Andrew and I will be able to go to Disneyland during Christmastime, something we’ve always wanted to do. So how can you help? Here’s how!


Simply go to http://www.mix969.com/pages/disney-photo/vote.html and vote for us using your e-mail address. There is 1 vote per e-mail PER DAY!!!


After entering your e-mail address click on the 18+ tab and scroll to near the bottom and find our picture (it’s shown below).


Click the button next to our names (Andrew & Katie Stein) and click submit.


Simple as that you’ve helped us get to Disneyland!


Voting is going on TODAY and ends on October 30th so please vote now!


The process is very simple and takes about a minute to do. There is one winner per age category, so we’re competing against others our age, not the adorable kids. We’re in the 18+ group and the picture to look for is shown below.


Every vote counts, so please cast your vote today and send this on to friends and family! We greatly appreciate your help with this contest. Thanks so much for your vote and we hope to see you at Disneyland during Christmastime if we win!




~~Katie and Andrew


Here's what to look for!

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You got my vote, I'll even throw in an Indy fastpass.





I love fastpasses!! lol I have a little collection of them at home in a scrapbook!


Thanks very much for your vote


Hey, you might have seen us this summer when we were there... We were the ones at about 11:50 at night in line for Indy who looked like they were DEAD from 5 full days in the parks lol. We looked so tired and worn out at that point it was hilarious!

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