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The Jefferson County Fairgrounds - Update 10/21

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The Jefferson Country Fair Grounds


Welcome to ThemeParkReview.com's first ever community park! In order for this park to survive and strive, it will require the community to read and follow along with the progress. So this requires YOU!


So one last time:



Now onto the story...



For years on end, the state of Colorado has been hosting the Jefferson County Fair. But until recent events, the fair has been shut down and the rides auctioned off. The events that once happened in Golden, Colorado are now dead...but the community could not let that happen.


The people of Jefferson County pulled together to solve the situation of the fair. Realizing what a catastrophe it would be having their children grow up with out experiencing the wonders of the fair the community decided to put their money together and keep the legend going. Only a couple rides were to be bought.


A small plot of land off of I-25 and E-470 has been owned for years and years by a rich business man from Aspen. Rumors have been circulating that the now Elitch Gardens would be relocated there, or other amusement industries would build on the land have not yet come true. When this guy heard about the fair, the land was given to the community.


About 10 minutes north of Denver, you will find this...



A small dirt parking lot is located just east of Huron Street. Not many people here...



A small ticket booth is set up here, made out of gazebos from locals...



This is guest relations, first aid, information, and offices. The building was built by a graduate student from CU Boulder. She wasn't the greatest architect in the world...



Vortex is a ride that was saved. The reliability is extremely low, it has multiple break downs in a day. Look at that line!



The biggest attraction at the old Jefferson County, Star Swatter, was saved as well. It is now the most popular with guests here!



I snapped this real quick at the top of Star Swatter. As you can see, the fairgrounds have shrunk. The park is in dire need of attention...



Another popular ride for families is The Tiger Coaster! Using old pieces from the JCF's small kiddy coaster and parts from Elitch Garden's old mine ride. The trains were donated by students from Colorado State University.



Less than 400 people visit the park on weekdays, but it can still get crowded. Waaaay down at the end of the path is the make shift entrance from tarps and tents from local companies.


When making decisions for the park, keep these in mind:


- Financially, the park is unsound. Some dept is still built up...

- Demographics are heavily focused on families and teenagers.

- Only one food/drink stand is being used.

- Two restrooms are available.

- About 100 more acres are available to the park.

- The summers can get hot here, and extremely cold in the fall!

- These rides that were purchased are not the greatest rides. They are safe enough to ride, but they don't have much life left in them.

- A near by interstate could bring in lots of business!


So for your first challenge:


The fairgrounds have been plagued by a recent drought. The grass is dying, and the park is using more and more water each day to keep the park as pretty as it is. Guests are thirsty, hot, and want a relief from it all!

So what should the park do from here? Here are the options...


-+- Build a small water ride. Like bumper boats.


-+- Increase the shade through out the park as well as expand the concessions. Nothing major.


-+- Have the park remove vegetation and receive a $1000 grant from the state of Colorado. This could be used to pay off debt only to have a strong base.


Best of luck on your decision!




Inspiration from: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=588921

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I can't see the meaning in removing the vegetation; that will only result in even shadeless areas. Hereby the park have to invest the 1000 $ from the grant in the construction of more buildings that cause shade = the debt is still there.


Personally I think the same as the ghost.

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my suggestion is to sell the attraction that makes the least profit, then use that money to get out of debt, or invest it into an ice cream van, and put some umbrellas around it to keep the sun out.


as Steffen said, don't remove the vegatation, it only removes more shadow

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Definitely add more shade and concessions.


This is ultimately the best decision, with these points for support:


-Bumper Boats have very low capacity, and the amount of water you actually feel on the ride isn't much at all; both will make the guests frustrated, and feeling as if they've wasted their time.


-Removing vegetation will make the park just plain ugly, and provide even LESS shade than the park already has. No one wants to return to a park with crappy atmoshere. The $1000 wouldn't get the park very far out of debt anyway, so they'd soon be back into the red with this decision.


-Shade and drinks, on the other hand, can continually keep guests cool and more relaxed. If a guest has a nice, relaxing time at the park, they are likely to return.


Hope that influences the park's decision!

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Remember guys, this park depends on YOUR decisions! The more replies, the better chances are of this park heading in the right direction!


For the first decision, the community has spoken!


[/survivor Voice]


With more decisions to create shade and expand the concessions, I couldn't disagree in anyway! This new shade has given guests more energy, reduced the sun burns, and increased happiness in the guests!


Great job guys!



Three of this big tents have been added throughout the grounds. One here by the entrance, one in between the Star Swatter and The Tiger Coaster. The last one is in a corner of the park...an interesting place...



Dude! Look at this! Some awnings have gone up in queues, and this has increased ride popularity by quite a bit! Lines have been getting longer, this means more people are buying ride tickets, which means more profit!



Here is a look at one of the new tents. Also seen here is a ditch. I have no idea what that plot of land is being used for, but maybe you guys will know...?



As if the line for Vortex wasn't long enough!



This is quite an expansion for the concessions! A pathway leads down to an open aired area with 3x as many concessions as once before!



These two shops kinda got screwed though....



These new stands are all locally owned bakers or aspiring restaurants. Because of that, a certain about of profit is given to the park to pay for all their utilities and a small percent to be in the park. So the park is gaining some money this way!



Families LOVE The Tiger Coaster! It's a two train operation, and because of the constant line and great crews, I have NEVER seen the trains stack! That's another thing to consider, the employees here area very good with their jobs and appreciate them!



This Kingdom Espana stall has been recently added. It advertises at this stall in the park, like what GreenBlue Resorts do at Six Flags parks. The park is also making a profit from them as well.


It's also interesting that the park put a new tent all the way on the far side of the park! I wonder if they will be expanding their paths this way soon?



So you have your bearing straight.


Expect to hear some more soon!

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This is what I want to see happen next in an expansion...



The black boxes is a path, the red X's are rides or concessions or a mixture of the two, and the blue box is where another shade tent should go.


And the jalapenos are just there cuz' I never got the chance to use them in some sort of photo. The pepper on the left has chicken pox, and the one on the right is sad for the one on the left with chicken pox.


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^Correct me if I'm wrong but I/m pretty sure thats just a green pepper not a jalepeno lol.


Your park looks nice and is developing well and I liek the reaslsitic approach to it with the liek of not introducing massive new rides each year and just tweaking the small park till it can affrod new stuff.





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What I don't get is that people say the parks looks great, but don't participate...(no offense) come one! leave your suggestions. If everyone does that the park will turn out great!


I agree on the expansion that Kalepi_Konei suggested. But start with 1 ride and see if it makes any money maybe a slide or an Enterprise

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An article from The Denver Post:


DENVER - Twenty four riders yesterday were given a ride that they will never forget. The fun laughs and giggles quickly turned in to shrieks of terror and fright. The ride, Vortex, experienced severe mechanical problems during one of its ride cycles with passengers.


The ride was previously located in Golden at the Jefferson County Fair. Until recent events concluded the closing of the fair, the citizens of Adams County, Jefferson County, Broomfield County, and Boulder County stood up against it. Several rides, including the Vortex was bought. The rides and fairgrounds are now located ten minutes north of the Denver at the E-470 interchange.


Investigators have concluded that a faulty wiring problem had been causing the ride to break down several times a day before the incident. Buy, on October 17th right before the park closed a small fire broke out near the hydraulics on the ride. Riders were stranded near vertical, spinning, for almost an hour before the mechanics were fixed and the ride lowered. All twenty four passengers were taken with local emergency medical services to a near by to The Children’s Hospital – North Campus which happened to be right up the road. All were taken for smoke inhalation and some for nausea. Ten adults were on the ride and fourteen teenagers were riding. All were released by this morning.


A spokesperson from the park gave this comment,

“Here at the new Jefferson County Fairgrounds, our first priority is safety. Keeping a welcoming safe and fun environment where families can enjoy comes first. The events that happened yesterday are tragic. Our mechanics are the best trained for the amusement industry in Colorado – we have no doubt this was a one in a trillion chance. We wish the families and guests the best of luck and we hope to see them again soon.”


The Vortex ride takes a maximum of twenty four riders all standing facing inwards towards a center. The ride spins with centripetal force pushing the riders back, then tilting the ride to almost vertical.


During the small press conference, the spokesperson stated the park has been making plans for its second season. Some of these plans include a contract with Denver’s bus system, RTD, and Boulders bus system for the Hop, Skip, and Bound buses.

This isn't great news for the park!


Many guests captured the frightening moments on camera:






A cell phone picture from a rider.




After a short visit today I was able to take a few pictures of Vortex. It was completely boarded up and hidden behind walls. The future of this ride has to be grim...




Just doesn't look the same...

Also a piece of art work released.





Okay guys, now it's your turn! JCF needs something to put where Vortex is!


PLAN 1: Several rides are still in storage that have yet to be used. Use the two previous over views I provided for a view of the area. The catch is that it MUST be a thrill ride and be within 4 x 4 squares or smaller. If you were paying attention to the article, its proves the park has a strong teen base. The ride must be able to be themed as well.




PLAN 2: This opens up a small plot of land for guest relations to expand. The butt ugly building that is there could be renovated and expanding giving more room for guest relations and offices. With this, park security would be able to increase.


You guys decide! Choose ONE plan! Tell each other why you have chosen your plan and why it would help the park.


Good luck!

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