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[RCT3] Ghost Mine - The Legend of Ghastly Gulch

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POV Video now available!!


go here: http://www.putmeonthenet.net/GhostMine.htm. The video is up at the top. Please do not stream it...please "save-as". Thanks!


Here's an additional host site...in case the first one is having bandwidth issues:




the scenery is ready now as well!


Wagi & ImagineerJohn's Ghost Mine Sets!







Hi, guys! Remember me? I started the concept work for this project several years ago...well before Dollywood announced Mystery Mine. It is a darkride/coaster hybrid that if built in real life would be a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. In RCT3 I used short two-car floorless trains on the extended coaster track to get the look of the Eurofighter.


Here's a bit of the back story, still in work:


Ghost Mine - The Legend of Ghastly Gulch


Waaaay back in the mid-1800s there was this here mining town called Ghastly Gulch. The work was hard, and the miners were poor. But they worked regardless. They worked on and on and on. Creeepy things started to happen in the mine...people started hearing strange things and seeing lights and shadows in the darkness. At first, they thought it was merely the gases in the mine playing tricks with their minds but then stranger and stranger things began to happen. As it turned out, there was a shrewd old prospector by the name of McManus who had discovered the “mother lode” of gold deep down a tunnel that no one else knew about. And, being quite creative, he had begun to try to scare the other prospectors out of the mines by making ghostly noises in the tunnels and by hanging colored lanterns in strange places. He wanted that gold all to himself, you see. And for a time, his plan seemed to work. Folks said the mine was haunted and many otherwise brave men wouldn’t dare to venture inside the Ghost Mine of Ghastly Gulch.


But when his antics were finally discovered in the winter of 1851, he disappeared. No one ever saw him again. But the scary thing was, the eerie shadows and sounds STILL haunted the mines. Was McManus still alive, lurking in the mines, trying to protect his gold? Some folks say he was. Greed took over the townsfolk like a fever, and they searched and searched for the gold but couldn’t find it.


Shortly after McManus vanished, luck played a nasty hand with the townsfolk of Ghastly Gulch. In the spring of '52 there was a terrible earthquake which gave the town and the whole region such a jolt that the town was flooded by nearby Lucky Lode Lake and swallowed up by the earth! All that was left was the entrance to the mine...and the lake...with the town and the greedy townsfolk buried deep down below. Through the years, daring adventurers such as yourselves have gone into the mine in search of McManus' gold, never to be seen again.


Some screenshots:



Teaser Trailer:


Filefront to download trailer:


Ghost Mine Teaser Trailer


or Youtube (hi-fi version available if you go to the Youtube page...just click "watch in hi-fi" in the lower right corner of the video screen on the Youtube page):



Right now I'm editing the final POV video. I'll keep you posted.



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I've followed this over at Atari, but I just didn't post

Now that you've posted it here too, I think it's time to do a little comment on it.


I don't think that my thoughts about this can be described with words - it's just the most outstanding work I've ever seen.I can't even find a little tiny, tiny thing that I don't like about this! Everything just fits so well, and it actually looks pretty scaring to me.


The trailer was also amazingly well done, and when the logo came up in the end, my heart started to pump (more than it normally does ) - I was so sure that something suddenly came up; I guess it was the music that made me feel so.


P.s. I'm a horror movie fan - I normally don't watch other film genres. That means that I'm quite used to creepy stuff and until now, I've never experienced a RCT3 ride/history that actually frightened me.


This did it though!

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Easily the best RCT3 thing I have ever seen(even better than your tower of terror) The coaster was fast, gave a good long ride, smooth, intense, fun, and the use of brakes and boosts was amazing.I cant wait to see what your working on next!!

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Terry, to be honest, John's explosion effect doesn't work as well as I had hoped...the ones in DasMatze & Mr.Plow's coal Mine set work much better (more consistently). The fireball event when the ghost of McManus "blows you clean out of the mountain" is actually from another set and I'm drawing a blank on the guy that made it...it is a set of booby traps. I'll look it up.



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^Already grabbed my copy! I'm in the midst of repairing this helix of death (with three Coronas in my system), but I'm sure I'll be trying to see if I can add few of the items into the coaster I'm working on. Great set of objects!


It kind of inspired me to look at some of the custom objects creation tools... probably won't make anything, but if I do it's probably going to be something that um... 10% would want.


Derek, let me know if you find out what the fireball event is in your set when you get a chance!


Once again, awesome work.


Terry "why does my castle look like an igloo" Weaver

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