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Photoshop Contest! Design a NEW Fright Fest Attraction!

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Hey everyone!


It's time for a new TPR Photoshop Contest!!!


If you haven't heard already, there have been some amazing new Fright Fest attractions such as "Scream On Scream!" and I think we TPR members can help theme park marketing departments all over the world come up with NEW halloween ride ideas!


The rules of this photo shop contenst is simple...


* "Take an existing park attraction and turn it into something else!"


* The ride does not *have* to rhyme like the examples below, but it should be in the same "spirit"


* The ride or park does not need to be Six Flags...it could be any ride at any park all over the world!


* Upload your entry to this thread. You may upload as many as you want but for final judging you may only have *one* official entry (and it needs to be marked as such)


* The winner will get the most awesome TPR "Bag-O-Crap" yet!


Below are a few examples....




"Fiddler on Riddler"


"Diaper on Viper"

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^ That looks like Flight Deck at KI before it's current colors.



This is my first time.

Ever for a photoshop.

So mind the crappiness!

And if its oversized. I give permission for Moderators to Delete my post.


here goes...




Iron Dragon


How to resize an image in Photoshop


i know how to resize

i just wasnt sure how big it would come out on the post.

im deleting it anyways

its not even good.

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