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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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Apparently there is no natural flow for people in that area, and that's the main reason for the makeover. But also the area is old and the attractions have been there a long time, over 80 years if you combine their time in the park.


The main rumor for a while have been that a Gerstlauer Sky Roller is coming for 2016. Since both tower rides are going it might actually be a tall one, the one going to Canada's Wonderland is going to be 135 feet! There's also another two rides coming that wasn't known before today, but my guess is that they will be more family oriented.

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Hey guys!


I'm going to be visiting Liseberg for the first time on October 10-11. From the schedule it looks like these are the final days of the summer season (though I'm sure it won't feel like summer!)


What kind of experience can I expect from the park this late in the season? Will the majority of the rides be running? Any idea what queues are likely to be? Worth allowing myself both days here as I have planned currently?



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I've decided every coaster train needs a lighting package just because of pictures like that.

And then it's possible to take photos like this:

A photo from the opening day:


Larger image


edit: the image is made of 2 images with exposure of 55 and 74 seconds on a tripod.


/// Marcus

/// Marcus


How many ND's did you have to stack for that? Or did you use a mounted one, haha?

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No ND's, just my tripod and remote to minimize the vibrations. I always have my camera tripod and monopod in the booth of my car, ready to use


/// Marcus

Ah, I was just thinking with that long of an exposure and the highlights in the bottom, you'd need a significant assitance dropong the exposure even at min. apeture. Guess not.

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Apparently there is no natural flow for people in that area, and that's the main reason for the makeover.

It's pretty awkward to navigate up on the mountain I give them that. The path going from the Helix/Atmosfear building behind the two coasters is all over the place. It's harder than it looks to find your way down from the south side of the mountain once you're there.


The two S&S towers going away at the same time is pretty disappointing. Let's hope the new replacements make up for it.

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Had the best time at this park this weekend. Easily my new favourite theme park in Europe, with Helix my new favourite coaster in Europe and Balder my new favourite woodie in Europe (I haven't been to German parks or Efteling yet though, in fairness).


Being on the last ride of the season on Helix, with the closing day fireworks going off and Abba blasting over the soundsystem is up there as one of my favourite theme park moments ever.


Absolutely loved this park.

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Is it me or the Space Shot is incredibly powerful lately at Liseberg?

I rode only a few, but it felt really surprising. I didn't remember that from last year.

Thank to the OP who said to me to put my head back... I was like "yeah, yeah, I know how it rides-- OMG WTF WAS THAT"

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Yes i noticed that too (about Uppskjutet). I was really taken by surprise, not at all as smooth as it used to be. But i do think it's a good choice that Liseberg is removing the towers. No use to have two drop towers and "Uppskjutet" is Not at all as popular as it used to be. Hope the 3 new attractions will be good tho. I know Andreas said when asked about being worried about the competition from Kolmården and Wildfire, that Liseberg had something Major aswell for 2016 but from what i understand 3 new attractions (wich can't really be that big because of the location) and another Garden is not really "Major" compared to Wildfire. But we'll see.

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I went to Liseberg tonight for their first Halloween event. Here are some of the pics I took. I didn't go to any of the haunted houses because they where sold out this afternoon.IMAG1705.thumb.jpg.dc71e2018038e732a8efb06fa7a9f969.jpg



The Lisebergwheel in pumkin color



Naked statue graveyard



Even the games had a halloween layover



Helix cast with bloody uniforms


The dollhouse








Crazy line at main entrance

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You beat me with posting photos Per, but here are some more photos from the opening:









No way out









Almost empty cue for Helix



Parking space for brooms










The chef of the Ghostbar




Umbrella shading


More umbrellas




AtmosFear rideop was hunting us with a 2by2



Ghostly spirits


Until next time


One tower and the sign and gondolas of the old wheel has been dismantled. RIP.


Did all of the special ghost walks and I think that the Dockkabinettet was the best one because it was new, the "Smitthärden" Spökhotellet Gasten was great as usual and Atmosfear "The Experiment" was just bloody. The most fun for me was all the scared GPs


/// Marcus

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Awesome photos!!!


I think this photo was surprise to me.



I wish more parks took their theming this far. Looks amazing. It's the little things like this that can make a park even more amazing.


Thanks for sharing all your amazing photos!

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Liseberg used over 10000 pumpkins to decorate the park.


I remember working halloween at Chessington and being put on "pumpkin watch" to stop people smashing them or having pumpkin fights. We didn't have anywhere near that many decorating the park though.


Do Liseberg have a philosophy of "So our park is awesome already but how can we make it even more awesome?". The park looks great for halloween. Do they dress all staff up like on Helix and Atmosfear or is it just done on specific rides and attractions?

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