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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 119 - Oceana water park announced!

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The making of Mechanica - The Design:




They have also tested the modifications of Helix last week and there is some more tweaking to get it perfect.


/// Marcus


I didn't know that Helix was being tweakened. What was wrong? Last year the track was flawless and I thought that the entire ride (minus the so-so operations) was top-notch!

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There was a event yesterday that allow the public to view Mechanica. Covered in the local newspaper GP and on Lisebergs YouTube-page, however I couldn't attend because I'm Down Under at the moment. I will attend the pressday.


/// Marcus

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Where's all the awesome theming from the video?

I didn't think there was much theming in the video? It was a heavily stylised video with moody sky, sparks etc, but I don't think there's much missing from the ride, if anything. Liseberg don't normally theme their rides as they're a city amusement park anyway so I would have been surprised for it to be anything more.

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I hope this will be a big hit for Liseberg, than what Bling was for Blackpool.

Which wasn't much of a ride I remember, IMhO in 2006 (TPR UK Tour)


I think the problem with Bling was more how unreliable it was than an issue of popularity. Im sure since then though developments have been made it is a much more reliable ride. Im sure it will do great for the park, I mean its Liseberg so its going to be awesome.

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Mechanica looks both graceful and positively gut-wrenching in that video. I can't wait to visit Liseberg for the first time this August.


Has anyone seen the official Mechanica merch yet? The name and logo are so metal. I'm probably not going to be able to stop myself from buying an entire suitcase full of t-shirts and hoodies when I'm there.

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In the park watching it spin around. Guys... it spins fast. I'm really really hyped!


The noise it makes! I don't know why but i love it, it sounds really like a angry monster waiting to give people a ride.

But the spinning! THE SPEED! Watch the videos again and remember that its 30 meters tall.

Also, iv'e been told there's an "OMFG" surprise about it they haven't told anyone yet. Don't know if this is a false rumor tho!


Guys, it spins really fast. Airplanes in Denmark fast.



Btw, a quick thing, the area around Mechanica has also been renovated. Asphalt has been replaced with beautiful scenery and pavement, and the house with all the arcade and such (Behind mechanica), looks really sexy, new facade, dark tones that really blends in well with everything. I'm not going to take a picture of this until its all done, but this really makes this side of park look great!


(Also, this year they have Mario Kart in the Arcadehouse! Hurraaay)

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Here are some sunny greetings from Pontus, the guide at Liseberg for the TPR Scandi-trip.

It's working!!!

Most of the theming is in place, so I can say that we are more than ready for the Media day (tomorrow). Unfortunately I will not be there and say hi, but I'm sure that "Lond" (Marcus) will have the chance and take some great pictures on the ride and the surroundings.


Mechanica is an updated version of the Star Shape from Zierer. And with updated, I mean faster.

The ride is great! The best flat ride I've ever been on. The music is epic, powerful and stands in the same high league as the score to Helix. IMAscore has done it again


I am really excited and curious of what the GP will think of it. Will it be to much for them? How many of them will puke?


I hope that I will meet some of you during the summer season


wish us luck!!


Best part of my job, you are the first one to try :p

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^ Have a great opening, Pontus! You certainly look like you're having a happy time on it.


Here you are Pontus, with some of the group from last year's Scandi Tour.

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Media day for Mechanica @ Liseberg.


The event started with the fire dancers and Andreas who talked about how Mechanica were created from ancient ideas about making a machine that allows one to lives forever. When Andreas pushed the start button it burst out fire and flames from the Mechanica.


Mechanica was better ride then I expected and provides a unique ride every time, it was a big difference in the intensity of the ride depending on where on the arm you sit.


In addition Mechanica a new candy store, a store that manufactures and sells chocolates and truffles and a new restaurant that serves locally produced sausages was displayed.


Spelhuset got a new entrance that match Mechanicas design.


Lisebergbanan, Hanghai, Flumeride and Helix was aired before the premiere on Saturday.


/// Marcus


Over to the pictures:





Fire Hula Hoops



Andreas (CEO) speaking about Mechanica







Themeing in the cue area


Themeing in the cue area


Spelhuset new design


Enter Mechaninca


The tracks looks perfect in the spring sunshine



Fröken Ellen - chocolates and truffles




Chocolate coating machine


Korv & co




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