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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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^ I hope that it means it will be a permanent version on a real concrete foundation, and not a trailer mounted ride like the other Star Shape's.


Anyway I think it's a great addition, even though the one at Skyline Park was kinda lame.

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A Zierer Star shape! I have always wanted to ride one of these.


I see that this is a "special" star shape... Maybe it's going to have a new light/theming package.


Did Blackpool's Bling ever find a new home? Could this be it?


I know there is one that travels in Germany (the original prototype : High Energy)


Are there any other ones in the world? Is there one in the US yet? Being a big fan of Evolution and Too Scan I think I would love this ride.

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I only rode a StarShape once, that was Air at the WinterWonderland.

. Note that I can put my hands up on any coasters, even the first time - but here, well, I was holding for my life. Hear my heart racing too.


It does not give nausea as it's really aerial and the moves are ample. It's not as violent as a Top Scan (at least that's what I heard, never rode one of those). However, it does smash you one or two times, you know, when you feel your legs are going to leave your body as the seat assembly rotates on itself very quickly (1:56 and 2:25 on my POV).

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Next year Liseberg will add a new season, "Halloween på Liseberg" (Halloween at Liseberg).

In a press release the park says it will be open between October 24th and November 1st. It will feature both really scary parts in the Gasten area and more family-oriented parts in Kaninlandet.


Press release (In Swedish)

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Liseberg to have Halloween event in 2015

Liseberg just announced they will have Halloween at Liseberg 24 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER 2015




Something has happened at Liseberg . A huge autumn storm has blown apart the entire park and strange creatures have been blown out of the sky . And wait a minute ! Did that scarecrow just move?



Do you dare?

Among the fallen trees and shattered market stalls opens the gates to a chaotic park

Maybe you need to jump - sometimes right , sometimes to the left to take you forward . A broom would not have been wrong to have . But be careful so that they do not swipe you down !




Horrific creatures pop up from nowhere and they just want to see you hurt. They are avoiding the daylight arrives when darkness falls on . Insane screams and staring eyes that follow every step you take . Here, no one is safe , least of all you




A lightning strike has got the candy store to explode and witches delight the whole area is covered with creepy candy. Do you dare try a finger or a hanging eye?





Windthrown witches take the company of rabbits in the festivities that prevails in Kaninlandet. Broom workshops , broom parking and delightfully mischievous show in a mess. Trick and Threats to everyone and maybe you can get a hug from a real witch too!


I did a quick translation of the Swedish text on the Liseberg Text, the translation is mostly done with Google Translate.

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Yesterday I did a visit at Christmas at Liseberg:



Great with heaters in the park because it was a bit chilly:



A small construction update for the 2015 attraction, it's just a empty hole with a excavator in it:





Helix with fake snow on the bushes:


Rabalder is running with full trains:


The escalator to the top of the hill looks really good in the Christmas mood:


Perfect designer centrepieces for the dining table :



Don't let the reindeer out:


Really big Christmas tree:


I don't think Liseberg will run Helix until spring:


A screen in the queue area dreams of warmer times:


AtmosFear is having a winter vacation:


Today's food: Rudolf, moos, cabbage and lingonberries in a bread:


Omn omn omn:


Christmas carol singers:



The Kanin Landet looks really good in its Christmas theming:



Stampbanan is also running:




Big ice show based on H.C. Andersen The Snow Queen:




/// Marcus

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Great pictures, Liseberg looks fantastic with the Christmas decorations. I'm kicking myself for not visiting Liseberg this year, but I'm definately going next year to check out Helix, and of course see once again the rest of this amazing park!

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