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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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That's an interesting spot, and definitely not where I thought a new flat would pop up. But you use the land you have, I guess. I look forward to seeing whatever it is.


Not that many years ago it was the placement of the Top Spin ride. I thought a new ride would be placed up on the mountain but I think this will also be a good placement.


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Some photos from the last day of summer season @ Liseberg:


Balder looking good in the autumn sun:



Helix too:



They are already working at the new attraction:



You can see the whole construction area from Kanonen, but no cameras is allowed on the ride



People having fun riding Helix:





Farewell fireworks for the summer season.



I probably ride the new attraction for 2015 one or two times because I don't like them....... On the 16 October you will know what new attraction is.


/// Marcus

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Wow the first couple.


What do you think is better the mega helix or the now helix?


That video was great! Hard to believe the concept changed so radically throughout the course of the ride's development. The first version's drop looked insane!

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For anyone who had rode both, which is better? Blue Fire or Helix?


Blue Fire


lol I have only ridden Blue Fire but I loved it and i think it looks better than Helix! But since i haven't ridden it, what the hell do i know?!!! lol

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Helix, I like better than Blue Fire.


But I really enjoyd Blue Fire, from the launch to the end of it.

I think that first, the exit out of Helix' station is pretty cool.

Then they have two "speed launchers" I will call them, as they

don't increase speed as much as maintain it. I enjoyed that, too.


And weaving in and out of trees, over the other coaster and the hill,

just made Helix more fun for me.

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Blue Fire is the perfect coaster for me. The layout is excellent, the inversions are perfectly executed, and the scenery interaction is top-notch, especially on the twisted horseshoe.


Yet I think Helix is better because it got even more in it!

It's an amazing terrain coaster, the trains are looking even better, the layout is damn smooth yet intense, it has a bunch of varied inversions and really strong airtimes, you can ride it at night with lights on the train and it's along the best thing you can ever experience coaster-wise, the soundtrack by IMAscore is blasted with deep bass throughout the queue line and it's amazing, etc.


The only point where Blue Fire beats Helix is on the vibrations. Because unfortunately, I got some on Helix, and nothing noticeable on Blue Fire.

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The only point where Blue Fire beats Helix is on the vibrations. Because unfortunately, I got some on Helix, and nothing noticeable on Blue Fire.

That's unfortunate, and it has been mentioned by a few people. I wonder what are the causes, what can make a new ride rattle (like gatekeeper).

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Well that was only a matter of time!


We need to remember that Mack have not built anything of this scale before, so some fine tuning was inevitable. I'm sure the ride will be totally smooth next year.


By the way, what about the noise barrier on the top-hat? Is it going to be installed or not finally?


The noise barrier will only be installed if the neighbors to the park starts complaining about the screaming, and I haven't heard anything that indicates it would be needed yet.

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Now has Liseberg released what the new attraction for next year is:



Link to Liseberg: Mechanica


Liseberg continues to invest in exceptional ride experiences. In spring 2015 the amusement park will open Mechanica, a powerful, high-speed attraction that spins riders through 360 degrees – 30 metres up in the air.


Mechanica is an attraction that will challenge even the most daring. The ride can best be described as flying at high speed in a pendulum motion while gradually spinning round on two axes through 360 degrees.


Mechanica will be five metres taller than SpinRock, will swing 60 degrees more than Uppswinget and its seats will be free to rotate through 360 degrees, like the old TopSpin ride. Put simply, Mechanica has taken the best of all the scariest rides and added special toppings of everything.


“We know that many of our guests want more attractions of this type. The attraction we have chosen is also one of the very best available in its class,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.


Mechanica will undoubtedly be one of the most impressive attractions in the park in terms of ride experience and concept.


“We want to offer our guests something that goes beyond the 90 seconds of the ride itself,” explains Andreas Andersen. “Through a combination of unique design, carefully selected music and inspiration draw from eighteenth-century Gothenburg we are aiming to create an all-round experience. It will be a strange machine that mixes contemporary and historical elements, like something straight out of a fairy tale.”


Its wide range of attractions makes Liseberg one of the best amusement parks in Europe for thrill seekers. The selection includes some of the top roller coasters in Europe, including Helix, Lisebergbanan and Balder. The arrival of Mechanica will bring the number of attractions up to 42.


“There are not many parks in Europe that can compete with Liseberg in terms of ride experiences. Mechanica will push us even further up the rankings in the high-adrenalin ride category. But while we have these really challenging attractions we also have Rabbit Land for families with young children. Liseberg has something for everyone,” says Andreas Andersen.


Liseberg – and Mechanica – will open for the summer season on 25 April 2015.


Mechanica facts:

Investment: SEK 30 million

Height: around 30 metres

Ride time: around 90 seconds

Number of riders: 30 (6 gondolas with 5 seats each)

Capacity: 600 people per hour

Minimum height: 140 cm

Attraction type: Star Shape

Manufacturer: Zierer Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH


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