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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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THIS is what YOLO should have been. Magic Mountain really missed the ball on this one.


Helix looks crazy intense. What a great addition to that coaster hillside they have.


My exact thoughts!


The ride layout and especially the POV exceed my expectations! I couldn't imagine a little company like Mack doing something this amazing like 5 years ago. Great job! I'm almost positive this coaster could break top-5 lists of the most experienced enthusiasts!

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Less than two months from riding this, on the TPR Scandi Tour.


I don't think I can stand it...









*Which means, besides the "Despicable Me" shout out, Helix looks/sounds AWESOME!

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Oh wow, a coaster that might drag me away from Balder for more than five minutes - looks amazing - making space in my top ten...


No! Bad Brent! You'll break it and ruin our ERT just like you ruined our ERT on Expedition GeFoce!


Now go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

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^I have the impression that someone said that it was never supposed to gain much speed in that launch (even before testing). It's also interesting how it goes quite fast through inversions like the pretzel loop and yet it goes more slowly through the tophap (maybe providing some hangtime).

I like how the front car has headlights, it must be a cool experience riding it at night with the track in front of you lit up.

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