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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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I hope all the injured parties make a speedy recovery.


That ride looks similar to a ride that was fairly recently (a season or 2 ago) removed from SFDK. The ride was called "Jambo". I was sad to see it go because I really enjoyed the ride, but maybe it was for the best.

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Wow, this is one of my all-time favorite flats! (And not because of obvious reasons. hehehe)


I kinda doubt this was a design flaw issue. Huss Rainbows have been around for a long time, and the numerous portable ones out there that don't look so well taken care of would have been colapsing a long time ago if this were the case.


If they took over a new flawed design, how many of these are out there? Don't think there are many, at least not in the States, there aren't that many left.

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Im pretty sure this is the exact reason SFGAM removed Trailblazer last year. Something about all of this being down to one bolt that if broken, can cause the vehicle to spin at will. Sad that it had to happen, but atleast nobody died.

Whoa, I didn't know they removed Trailblazer!


I'm glad there were no fatalities. Hopefully this won't happen again.

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Linnanmäki officials in Finland have assured the media that they do not believe that a similar accident could happen in their park, and that maintenance procedures are being scrutinized. Hopefully they are right. I hope for a quick recovery of the victims, and also that similar rides are not shut down because of this accident.

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By no means is this funny at all, but my brother works at Carowinds across from the "Rocket Power - Air Time" ride which is a similar set-up to the Rainbow, but with two arms instead of one.


Anyway, he was wondering how the platform stays parallel to the ground and laughed about what would happen if the platform suddenly tipped over to one side.


Well, i'm gonna send him a link to this page. That's crazy that something like that happened. I hope the riders make a speedy recovery.

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I doubt it's a problem with the design, just because here in Germany, those rides are extremely popular. They have them traveling all over the country. I saw this on the news and they said how this Rainbow was older than many. Maybe the age had an affect. Hopefully inspections will take place on the older ones to make sure they are all okay.

Rides, like humans, die.



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I really like those flats. Possibly my all time favorite. very sad to hear of the accident. Glad that no one was killed though. seem to have been quite a few theme park related accidents recently which is a real shame. I'm wondering where the main axis of the ride was when the ride carriage began to move independently.

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There's still at least one (in very good condition!! ) Rainbow ride from HUSS @ Linnanmäki, Finland..


But still, that accident made me think twice when i'm going next time to that ride that what if... :O

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News about the accident:

Fabrikationsfel bakom Lisebergsolycka


Sedan olyckan i Rainbow den 15/7 har det spekulerats om orsaken till olyckan. Rykten har snabbt uppkommit och frågetecken har rests kring säkerhetsarbetet bland nöjesparker i allmänhet och Liseberg i synnerhet. Det har handlat om allt från åldern på attraktioner till besiktnings- och servicerutiner. Därför är Lisebergs ledning överens med polisen och tillverkaren av Rainbow, tyska Huss Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, om att lämna följande uppgifter om olyckan.


Attraktionen har demonterats under helgen och då upptäcktes ett brott på den drivaxel som ska hålla attraktionens ”soffa” horisontell. Denna axel är en del i det drivsystem som byttes i sin helhet av tillverkaren under 2003. Drivsystemet är en sluten enhet som skall inspekteras av tillverkaren, Huss Maschinenfabrik, efter en gångtid av 5 000 timmar. Det är alltså inte en del där Lisebergs tekniker skall eller kan utföra service eller kontroll. I det aktuella fallet hade ca 3 500 drifttimmar uppnåtts sedan utbytet 2003, och det fanns alltså god marginal till de gränser som tillverkaren fastställt.


Den direkta orsaken till axelbrottet, som har uppstått i en svetsfog, kommer att fortsätta utredas av polisen i samarbete med Liseberg.


Tillverkaren har gått ut med ett meddelande om att stoppa driften av samtliga 40 attraktioner av denna typ som finns i världen. Liseberg kommer att driva ansvarsfrågan vidare mot tillverkaren av attraktionen.


Göteborg, 21/7 2008


Mats Wedin





Fabrication error behind Liseberg accident


Since the accident of Rainbow on the 15:th of July, it has been speculated on the cause of the accident. Rumours have quickly raised and questions have been raised about safety among amusement parks in general and Liseberg in particular. It has been about everything from the age of attractions for inspection and servicing procedures. The managers of Liseberg agree with the police and the producer of Rainbow, German Huss Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.. KG, to provide the following information about the accident.


This attraction has been dismantled over the weekend and then discovered a breach in the drive to keep the attraction "sofa" horizontal. This axle is a part of the drive system, which was replaced in its entirety by the manufacturer in 2003. The power train is a closed unit to be inspected by the manufacturer, Huss Maschinenfabrik, every 5 000 hours. It is therefore not a part where Liseberg technicians are, or can perform service or control. The ride have been running for about 3500 hours since the In the exchange in 2003, and there was therefore a good margin to the limits set by the manufacturer.


The direct cause of the break in the axle, which has occurred in a weld seam, will continue to be investigated by the police in cooperation with Liseberg.


The manufacturer has issued a notice to halt the operation of all the 40 attractions of this type that exist in the world. Liseberg will drive further liability against the manufacturer of attraction.


Gothenburg, 21 / 7 2008


Mats Wedin




Here is an image of Rainbow from this Saturday:

They have torched of the arms to be able to check the bolts.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Great Escapes was taken down because there was a risk of that exact same thing happening, it looked great and was one of my favorite rides but after this actually happened I guess it was for the better maybe, RIP Rainbow..well not really, it's kind of just in a pile rotting away. Yet they are still trying to sell it. I wouldn't pay more than 500$ for it given the condition it is in.

That one article said there are around 40 Rainbow's operating, is there seriously 40 Huss Rainbows in existence still, I thought they were dying out? Unless they are including Zamperla Jokers, 1001 nachts, etc. in that statement , then that sounds more realistic..

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What ever happened to the one that was at the Myrtle Beach Pavillion that was my favorite flat there besides the catepillar. And there is one that travels with the Strates fairs throughout the east coast. It comes to the Anderson, sc fair every year. Along with my fav flat ever the top spin.

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Liseberg have just released a press release that wraps up the summer season for this year, it also gives a few details on what to expect for next season.

The press release states that the numbers of visitors in the later half of the season have dropped since last season, but that's a trend that have been noticed at many other parks in the Nordic countries. But they have still managed to get around 2,3 million visitors in total this year, and the winter season opens in little over a month to add to that.

Also it gives a riders/visitors tally for the new rides of the season and also a top 5 for overall.


Top 5:

1. Lisebergbanan 1,4 million

2. FlumeRide 1,2 million

3. Kållerado 1,1 million

3. Balder 1,1 million

5. Kanonen 700 000


New attractions:

Cykelturen 180 000

Evert Taubes Värld 100 000

Lisebergs Lustgård 70 000




Liseberg have just announced one of their 2 new attractions for next year. "Unfortunately" it looks like Tornado (S.D.C Galactica) is going to bite the dust (it have been on the chopping block for some years now).


The new attraction, called Hang Hai, is a Zamperla Mega Disk'O,. It's going to get a Asian theme, this to connect it up to the little Asian garden right next to it (behind Tornado/FlumeRide).



There is another new ride scheduled for next year, which is more of a family ride, but it's not announced yet...


There are a few other things that are going to get fixed up for the next season.


Link to Press release (Swedish)

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