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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Looks amazing! Wonder why one of the car's lights weren't working yet, though. Hopefully a minor glitch and not an ongoing problem, those lights are definitely a defining feature of the ride.

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That's almost even better than the link I got,

But it's still epic!!!


Looked though that one of the cars had a malfunctioning light though, wonder also if the noise is a wheel issue or that the track joints needs some smoothing work, or could it maybe be that the microphone on the camera is just too sensitive making the noises stand out even more?


Also, embedded the video for everyone to see:


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^ the sounds of the LSM launches are awesome!


There are similar light issues on Gatekeeper as well, might be some minor issues.


About the sound of the ride, I guess it's the microphone being too sensitive. The volume of the count down on Powder Keg is actually very low, but it sounds pretty loud on all the POV's I've watched. I guess it's the similar issue.

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Awesome! I love how it already seems to have a pretty good pacing and some fast transitions! Lately may manufacturers seem to be focusing on slower inversions that provide negative Gs (like the YOLOloop) so I find it great to see someone still making inversions travelled quite fast through the top, creating some good old positives.

By the way, do blue fire's LSMs make any noise? (I thought they were silent or nearly) so it's interesting that these make that kind of whistle.

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Is there anyone that can tell me why LSM launches makes funny noises?

My guess would be that it's a phenomenon called "coil whine". Read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coil_noise

But it's basically the LSM units themselves that vibrates due to the magnetic load they are experiences as the train goes by.


It's very similar to many electronic things today (computers, screens, chargers, etc) which can emit a high pitch noise when in use.


Official Helix POV!!

Embedded the video from above:


A couple of things that are noteworthy on that POV.


The perspective makes will make the ride look very different in reality, the camera is mounted at the level where you have your feet.

And it's running slow in that video, I reckon that it will have to speed up about 10 seconds on the coasting bit to live up to the calculations done for Helix.


So it will get even better


Source as well now: http://projekthelix.se/enjoy-the-ride/

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^What is interesting is that while most companies' LSMs make that noise, intamin's makes a completely different one. I wonder why that is.

Different time of LSM units, the shape and thickens is very different so it will vibrate on a different frequency, hence the difference in sound.

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