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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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I know that Lisa on the blog have been saying that the testing will start on the 7th next month, don't put too much thought in that day though, since testing might happen sooner than that in reality. Since according to what she said during the visit we had to the park earlier this week, then we might actually see the ride testing several days earlier, in essence of what she said was that, as soon as the Mack guys are happy with all the systems, they will start the testing protocol. It may happen at any day really and any time during that day. So the less problems they encounter integrating the train into the ride computer and setting up all the other bit's and pieces the sooner the testing will begin. It may happen at 7 am, at noon or in the afternoon, no one really knows. We just have to keep our eyes pealed on the web-cams and on the blog (well they might go so fast that they forget to notify Lisa so we won't see the first train leave the station , I really hope that they don't forget to tell her though).

She said that these guys are good at their work so the first go might happen in the week before the 7th, so the first train may go in about a week from now.


About that testing protocol then the first few days will be pretty boring for us, Mack isn't just going to start up the ride and let it rip through the circuit at the first attempt, but take it in stages.

They will start by pushing it out of the stages and let the train roll to the first launch area, where it will stop while additional systems checks are done.

Then they will launch it so that it ends up at the second launch, and there again do another load of systems checks. Before launching it so that it ends up on the brake-run for another batch of checks.

It's not until this have been cleared until they can go for a full circuit in one go, and the rest of the certifications, etc. can be preformed.

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^I also assumed that in the very first run they would stop the trains in the launch tracks. Good to know it might happen earlier (well for me it really would be great as I won't have internet access during that week).

Hope everything goes smoothly.

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Does anybody know what are the noise controls are like at Liseberg?


I know that The Smiler was testing through the night to avoid the public seeing the first tests (and valleys ).

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So, if this thing rolls back, is each launch powerful to get it up to speed from a standstill? I'm assuming yes, so then I would also think that they'll be warming the launches up over those first few days (quarter/half-launches) as well.


Yes, I believe so. And if I recall correctly, Cheetah Hunt went through a similar 'warm-up' period before testing full speed. I can't wait to see this thing in motion!

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Want some more Helix in your life??


Liseberg posted some things for you to helixify your phone




Also if you like the soundtrack pieces that have been posted so far, then go to http://www.imascore.com/helix/ and download both of them for free!!

Saves you the hassle to rip them of youtube etc.


Includes some pics and audio for you phone


A taste


Another one

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^ I don't like your fish-eye lens, you really end up on the images no matter where you are


Just caught this on the web-cam, they just reversed out one of the trains on the switch, wonder what they are planning to do with it??



EDIT: False alarm, they just drove it back into the station again No testing today, but then again, it may be part of the testing protocol, to see if the switch lines up and the trains can enter the maintenance bays without snagging.


EDIT 2!!: The train is now going into the station!!



A bit later, and the train is entering the station for the first time (that I have seen), I really hope that there aren't any problems so that we can see some trains coasting with their own momentum soon :)

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Blog Update - Helix Status report

Just a general status update of Helix, mainly a view on how things are going right now, Lisa stated that she will do another update tomorrow and show what's left to do until it's all done.

Another thing is that from tomorrow there will be some kind of competition about the first public rides on Helix, but they have received some stick for their choice of the competition itself on the blog, since to be able to take part you have to be a paid member on a newspapers homepage, which doesn't look too well to everyone (including me since then it might put some people of due to the somewhat questionable reputation of the paper itself).


Source: http://projekthelix.se/status-helix/


Making a general cleaning of the escalator up to the tower, ever since they cleared the area for Helix then it's sorry outside state of it can be clearly seen, it will apparently receive a new lick of paint later in the season as well


The top and bottom curves that will hold the mesh on the station are now all in place, just needs the mesh to be completed and looking spiffy


Station progress have been great, looks awesome now


Gates and the first train are all in


It have been moved between the station and the maintenance bays to check that it all works, but also as a training exercise to get to know the ride until opening


Can't wait to experience this view for myself <3


And as a final image, Helix have been switched on, and apparently all electrical systems are working fine, can't wait to see some trains moving!!

Until next update!!

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The station interior reminds me of one of those boring offices. Though the addition of a coaster train and those gates make it quite effective and exciting for me. I wonder if there will be any major differences that will take place from now until opening in the station. When is the opening date again for Helix?

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^^ True that!!


^ I'm pretty sure once, there is lights, music and other details in, along with a big load of people then it will be really nice.

The park will open on the 26:th, so just little over 3 weeks to go!!

Can't wait to ride it

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Some new Liseberg videos from their youtube page:








Also saw some rumours that Liseberg will get an updated version of a Zierer - Star Shape attraction, not sure of the validity of this rumour. It may bare fruit, but then again it might not, it's just a rumour. We just have to wait to see what Liseberg announces later in the year.

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^ As said, it may just be a case of someone that tried to do 1+1 but got 3 in the end, it may not be true at all.


And just as Lisa promised, here is a "To-do" list for Helix, before opening day little over three weeks from now:



[*] The Helix queue area shall be completed

[*] The area ins the station will be cleaned and receive a general fixing

[*] The roofs will get their Sedum plant covering

[*] The façade will get it's mesh covering

[*] The queue roof-light will be mounted

[*] The control both will be completed

[*] The Helix shop will be built in the tower area

[*] Photo booth will be built

[*] All security fencing will be completed

[*] The landscaping department will finish all their work

[*] The World Wildlife Fund fountian will be rebuilt

[*] All the builders sheds will be removed form the park and the areas they occupy will be cleared

[*] All driving surfaces will be paved

[*] Trees will be sequred in place

[*] The other 2 trains will be added to the maintenance area

[*] Queues that have been damaged/removed during the construction work will be fixed: Lisebergbanan, Uppskjutet and Uppswinget

[*] The power station will be programmed

[*] Helix testing

[*] Information signs will be put up

[*] The coaster will be inspected

[*] The approvals for Helix needs to be signed off


Source: http://projekthelix.se/%EF%BB%BFhelix-kvar-att-gora/

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