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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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I wonder how this coaster will compare to an Intamin launch coaster, because the park last 2 coasters were both manufactered by Intamin. And because both of that coasters were succesfull, so why didn't Liseberg asked intamin for this project?

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I wonder how this coaster will compare to an Intamin launch coaster, because the park last 2 coasters were both manufactered by Intamin. And because both of that coasters were succesfull, so why didn't Liseberg asked intamin for this project?


They probably wanted something that would actually work in a consistent basis. I don't get why more parks don't do business with Mack.

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I want to see some photos of this once spring rolls around, and the trees get some leaves. It seems like winter in Sweden is one long, dreadful, overcast day!


Can confirm, especially in Gothenburg and this winter was exceptionally depressing...

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About the music CD, I'm 80% sure Liseberg would sell it if people keep saying that

Talked with Lisa and got some more info on this. There will be no CD with the sound-track, the CD format is sort of dead anyway so why even make one?


I wonder how this coaster will compare to an Intamin launch coaster, because the park last 2 coasters were both manufactered by Intamin. And because both of that coasters were succesfull, so why didn't Liseberg asked intamin for this project?

It's a massive difference between the Mack Mega coaster and the Intamin accelerator coaster design, just because they look similar in broad terms doesn't mean that they offer a completely different ride experience. And why Mack, because they felt like Mack had a product that they liked, so why have to stick with Intamin?

And to really anal about this, the the last two coasters at Liseberg (before Helix that is) was made by Zierer and Preston & Barbieri.


Looking through my images from today, so expect an update later

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Helix behind the scenes visit and TRAINS!!

Today marked another big point in the Helix time-line, the first cars arrived at the park!!


There are some images of them on the Helix blog, http://projekthelix.se/forsta-vagnarna-har-kommit/ , or you can just scroll down a bit

Today we had another visit to the park, this time with great weather, instead of the chilly and windy with rain mixed that we have had in the past weeks, wo yeah a great visit in all. Got a full view of the massive pretzel loop. Massive is the right word for it, that sucker is huge!!

A big thank you to Lisa that helped us once again to get these images!!


So without further wait, here are the images from today.


Enjoy, and don't forget the massive panorama at the top to do some exploring on your own


Another massive panorama, this time with great weather and a completed Helix!!

Download, unzip and explore!!


We start at the mountain on the other side of the motorway next to the park, to get the Panorama which is posted above this image, but also this nice view of the mess of track that is Helix


Great weather and light today


Liseberg from the other side of said motorway


A complete mess of nice green track <3


Today we got in through the main entrance for a change


And Helix greets us from right inside the park


But it's this bad-boy that we were waiting to see :)


Massive thing


Completed dive


It's a lot taller than I first thought it would be


Yay, the zero-g is tall enough so that the Lisebergbanan station can't hide it


The last of the three airtime hills


Helix, completely dominates this area


This dive under the Lisebergbanan lift looks really great, I thought that it will pass the lift when you were at the bottom, but you are already climbing into the airtime hill after when you get to the lift. Going to be a great head-chopper


It's a bit of a shame that the tree is there, since it will hide a lot of the Pretzel from view, reducing it's impact a lot and also makes it harder to take pictures of


Can't wait to dive down Here


From this angle the top-hat looks really tall


I do love this bit :)


Yay, zero-g!!


Dive and Helix


Some great forces here


But it still looks extremely tight on the down part of the Helix, they might have to bring out the drill and dynamite again :)


And this thing as well


This part will really chop your arm of, I guess that they waited to blast away until now, to be able to remove as little as possible :)


I almost though that Liseberg have gotten another new attraction when I saw this, but it's just the chair swing with only it's underwear on


A completely new view of Kanonen


YAY, RCS trucks/cranes and Mack van :)


Oooo, nice entry mat :)

But what is through this door you might wonder??



4 of them :)


Lovely green wheels


Still under wrap and will be so until the maintenance bay is ready to accept them


Special wheels for the cars to ride on while in the maintenance bay, much like the B&M inverts have


Almost looks like a massive pair of butterfly wings from this view


Lovely piece of track magic right there


Another view of the pretzel


X marks the spot!!


Airtime and Zero-g all in one image


The lovely path that I followed on the web-cam instead of the fastening of the last piece :p


Station getting it's wavy crown piece


Dive into Pretzel


Some really great views here once the trains start running


So that's almost it


Good by Liseberg for this time, until the next update, hopefully with some delicious train action and a more finished station :)


Until then, enjoy this great view of Liseberg!!

Edited by Loefet
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Thank you for the Pictures! Helix looks so awesome!


Like I said a couple of Days ago, that pretzel loop is a monster! Same height as the cobra loop on The Hulk, Orlando!


Thank you Liseberg for blessing us with this magnificient ride!

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So Liseberg is gonna have EMH (Extra Magical Hour) for Helix. So Helix is opening one hour prior to park opening for people staying at one of Lisebergs Hotels.

Saturdays 3/5 - 21/6,

Everyday 23/6 - 16/8

Saturdays 23/8 - 4/10.

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And now there is video of the first car as well





Here is a web-cam shot from the first completed train :)

Also note the lack of scaffolding on the side of the station, and that the other wavy beam is in place at the bottom, not much left to do to the station now on the exterior

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